The Best Hotels Near the Dubai Mall

Dubai is a beautiful tourist resort and it is renowned worldwide for its beautiful buildings, shopping malls, supermarkets, hypermarkets, cinemas and hotels. Dubai is an ideal city for spending vacations and honeymoon. People all over from the world love to spend their holidays in this beautiful city with friends and families. Dubai was declared an official tourist resort in 2005. After this declaration, big investors from the world started spending heavily in shopping malls, markets and hospitality. Dubai is very attracted and it has been the most visited city since last five years. That is why Hoteling in Dubai has become a full and complete industry. Government of Dubai is very keen in the development of this industry. They are inviting investors to bring their money here and spend in hoteling. Special concessions such as tax freedom are also offered to them to encourage these investors. Government is also providing technical and financial assistance to these investors.

Staying in a hotel in Dubai is a wonderful experience and it really becomes more pleasant if you do this with your love ones. Dubai is a beautiful city and hotels have beautified its beauty tremendously. Dubai is one of those cities that are hosting maximum number of hotels. Dubai was also awarded first price in hoteling in 2009. Government intervention in this industry has brought a rapid development and hoteling in this city has become full time profession. If we go into detail, there are more than seven hundred international hotels, which are running under license agreement.

In Dubai, so many hotels have gained a very good reputation in the market. According to recent rankings of hotels, the following hotels were found at the top of the list.

A rapid increase in hotels in Dubai brought some critical issues on the scene last year. Quality and security issues were largely reported to the management. Under these circumstances, a special committee was organized. The role of this committee was to ensure the smooth running of these hotels in Dubai. Firstly, they started to register these hotels. License agreements were made with the management of these hotels in which a proper planned setup was structured and guidelines were given. Those hotels that failed to fall under the criteria set by this committee were banned permanently. Day to day checking of these hotels was also one of the tasks of this committee. All required information about these hotels is also available on the internet.

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