Shangri-La Hotel Dubai

Whether traveling for business or pleasure, Dubai is one of the top international destinations for visitors and as a result is guaranteed to be a city where you will find quality hotels with a vast range of amenities, rooms that conform to high standards, in locations that are ideal for sight-seeing or business meetings in a city that has everything, and is busy adding things that will redefine the term everything. The question where Dubai is concerned is not so much where do I find a good hotel in Dubai? more which of the good hotels in Dubai should I stay in?

The Shangri-La Hotel is named for a mythical paradise mentioned in the novel Lost Horizon by the British author James Hilton. In Hilton’s book, Shangri La was a place where people stayed young far beyond the point where they would be aging anywhere else. All the people there were happy and content, and there was nothing to worry about. The phrase has now made its way into the English language to describe any place that is an oasis away from the stresses and strains of the everyday world a kind of land of eternal youth.

To name a hotel for such a place is therefore a pretty bold statement. Dubai itself is a dynamic city where there is always something going on its breathtaking views and endless options for the traveler can often mean that a visitor will initially feel overwhelmed by what is on offer. Not only does this hotel offer great scope to get the weight off your feet and be pampered it offers opportunities to have fun without wearing yourself out.

The Shangri-La is a popular destination among business travelers, but is far from simply being a business hotel. The very reason that it is so popular with business travelers is its scope for relaxation and enjoyment. Having spent a long day working and finding one’s way around a busy city, the last thing you want is a riotous entertainment resort hotel. You will want somewhere that is well-appointed for resting, comfort and service the very same things that holidaying couples or even families will be looking for at the end of a day sight-seeing and shopping.

The hotel itself is spotlessly clean both on the outside and the inside, with modern rooms and facilities which really drive home the impression that this is a modern Shangri-La of which James Hilton would have approved. Located on Sheikh Zayed Road, there is plenty around the hotel to keep you occupied in the day û and when you have time free, the quiet restaurants are the perfect place to relax, or the first-class gym is an excellent option if you have a day off and want to keep up to speed.

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