The Address Downtown Hotel Dubai

Staying at hotels in Dubai is a wonderful experience. Hotels in Dubai are known locally as well as internationally for their reputation and quality. Dubai is a tourist attraction. There is fifty percent population of people that are a nationalist of other countries or they are migrated to Dubai. Dubai is the most visited destination and it is announced officially as the safest place for tourism in 2005. This encourages big investors all over the world and they started investing of shopping malls and hotels. Dubai’s government is also very keen for the flourish of tourism industry. All of these factors combine and Dubai becomes the biggest host of tourist all over the world. It also forced the government to establish a full time tourism ministry in Dubai. In last few years, special efforts are made by the government to encourage the concept of staying at hotels in Dubai.

More than seven hundred hotels are licensed in Dubai in last two years. The Address Downtown Dubai is also one of the top class hotels of Dubai. It is the biggest and also the largest on the basis of area of construction. It is recently introduced and maintains a consistent quality control since its incorporation. It has been awarded certificate of achievement consistently for three years. In this respect, it is the first international hotel in Dubai, which has this unique pleasure. Actual address of The Address Downtown Dubai is Downtown Burj Khalifa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It has a very beautiful construction.

Services of an international architecture firm were availed for its construction. The Address Downtown Dubai is a private entity and exclusively one of the top businesspersons of United Arab Emirates owns it. Their several projects are also running in all big cities of the world. The Address Downtown Dubai is working on a chain of hotels and this group is selling its franchises.

The Address Downtown Dubai is fully equipped with all facilities. You can enjoy swimming pools, indoor gaming zones, restaurants, cafes, bars, internet cafes, saloons, beauty parlors and much more. An open court is also available in the middle of the hotel where you can enjoy and relax on beautiful grassy plots. Gym facilities are made available for its customers.

Security arrangements in The Address Downtown Dubai are splendidly well. It is properly guarded from all sides and security cameras are also installed everywhere. There is no issue of security in The Address Downtown Dubai. It is widely opened and spacious. More than two hundred fully furnished rooms is also a significant feature of The Address Downtown Dubai. A large parking area is also allotted for the visitors in which round about fifteen thousand cars can be parked at the same time. The Address Downtown Dubai remains open seven days a week. Due to high demands of rooms in The Address Downtown Dubai, it may become difficult to get a room. The management of The Address Downtown Dubai is trying to increase the number of rooms in order to facilitate its customers more and more. Hence The Address is an ideal place where you can enjoy the best of your time in a very peaceful and healthy environment.

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