Taj Palace Hotel

With more than a billion residents, and a growing business sector which seems set to make it one of the real powers of the 21st century, India carries a lot of weight in the modern world and is only going to get stronger. And with a business sector of its own that is carrying all before it allied to a reputation for lavish quality, Dubai is a city that has its eyes trained firmly on the future. As time goes on it is to be expected that the business success of Indian companies will see a great deal of collaboration between the cities of India and the city of Dubai. The benefits will be seen by both, and more besides. India itself has a long, fascinating history, and has in recent years been seen as a country that has fallen on hard times. It is felt now that India is on its way back, and this will make for an interesting future.

The recognition that India has received in recent years from the rest of the world has, aside from political issues, tended to center on things like architecture and food. There is good reason for this, of course. Indian architecture has provided the world with some spectacular buildings to look at, while Indian food has an exceptionally strong identity, with the amazing range of curries available at a good Indian restaurant a delight for the taste buds. There is a lot of scope for India to grow as an economy and an influence in the world, and working in collaboration with Dubai it is easy to see how this will happen. As time goes on this will be fascinating to watch, and it has already begun.

One fascinating example of the collaboration that is already making its presence felt is in the Indian hotel chain Taj’s showcase Dubai hotel, the Taj Palace Hotel. A magnificent example of how the Indian ethos can work among the Dubai hospitality scene, the Taj Palace is a complex of holiday apartments furnished in the traditional styles of India and located right at the heart of the city, making it ideal for business or family travel. It is often described as a “home away from home” for Indian travelers, and its qualities are certainly ones that will chime with anyone from India or with Indian heritage. But this should not give you the impression that it is a purely Indian location. A stay at the Taj Palace is worthwhile wherever you are from.

Indian hospitality is famous, and this ethos is right at the heart of the Taj Palace. Inevitably, the food is excellent and varied, with a wide range of traditional Indian curries to choose from as well as other kinds of food. The rooms are spacious and comfortable as well as being lavishly furnished, and the apartment style is augmented by the wonderful level of service that you will encounter here. Making the Taj Palace your location for a stay in Dubai could well be the smartest move you make.

Situated in a prime location, in Downtown Dubai, you will find the Taj Palace Hotel to be a nice quality place with a pleasant service. The Taj Palace Hotel Dubai is part of the Indian Taj Palace chain. Surprisingly this hotel apart from being Indian is a Halal place, meaning that there is no alcohol and pork meat served at all.

The Taj Palace is one of the the biggest hotel complex in the area, rooms with stunning views of the majestic Burj Khalifa. A few years ago it could proudly add the “Hotel and Resort” to its name, as its Spa beauty centre has also opened. The Taj Palace Hotel Dubai is a nice resort. The location is central and you can easily get to the closest metro stop and go to the downtown part of New Dubai as well. With the Dubai Creek close by, you have the opportunity to view many attractions. The souks of Deira are beautiful and if you would like to see the local fashion stores, the best thing is to visit the Al Ghurair and the Deira City Centre shopping malls, but of them reasonably close to the hotel.

What most guests like about the Taj Palace is the friendliness of the staff and the huge rooms they offer. In the hotel, there are about five different sorts of rooms, including the extra Taj Club suites with which also extra services like meals and snacks apply. The rooms are nicely furnished especially in the upper categories and the bathrooms are impeccable too. Each suite has its own huge balcony to the like of the guest and the air condition works very well in the room. The rooms of the Taj Palace Hotel Dubai are perfectly equipped with everything that you can expect from a 4-5 star category hotel, including flat screen TV, bathrobes and slippers in the bathroom. Soaps, shampoos, towels as well, ironing board with ironing machine is also to be found here.

The hotel offers a daily shuttle to the beach. The swimming pool area is large with a baby and children pool as well. After the swim, you can enjoy the gym, sauna, Hamam or the spa treatments of the hotel all of which have different sections for men and women. The hotel has several bars and restaurants. The main restaurant of the hotel serves Indian food exclusively also for breakfast. Apart from this restaurant, other restaurants deliver Japanese, Italian and Steak dishes. The rooftop bar is also quite popular during the whole day and evening.

The Taj Palace Hotel, apart from its location is a great hotel with many extra services and overall friendly staff. The rates of the hotel start from AED 332 and end at AED 659. There are several discounts during the year.

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