Tamani Hotel Marina Dubai

Dubai has in recent years built itself a reputation as a city that has its gaze trained directly on the future, and the ambition to make itself a city that no potential visitor could possibly ignore. There is hardly a shortage of potential holiday destinations in the world right now, with each continent having more than a few places which routinely appear on lists of “Cities You Must Visit Before You Die”. Dubai is quite simply always on those lists. Its amazing scenery, wonderful locations for an overnight rest and its opportunities for shopping, dining and partying make Dubai a must-visit location for any keen traveler. It has a reputation in the present as a place you must visit, and a firm intention to build towards making even more of that.

Reputed as a city where conspicuous consumption is a typical standard, not just an option, Dubai may be considered to be a bit too much for some travelers. Certainly there is not likely to be a lot of point in visiting the city of Dubai if you are on a low budget, and to stay for any more than ten days can become outlandishly expensive. But then as cities go Dubai is not huge, and it is genuinely possible to have a real holiday there in a week or less. The flying visit may miss out a few parts of the city, but this is all the more reason to go back. And you will want to go back. Among regular travelers, it is not unheard of to go back to Dubai as many as ten times. It’s that kind of city.

Dubai is well known for its hotels. The self-styled seven-star hotel “Burj al Arab” is one of the best known in the world. It is also perilously expensive, and the kind of place where you need to be seriously well-off to spend a week or more. Aside from the Burj there are a lot of other luxury hotels in Dubai which in any other city would be the undeniable jewel in the crown. Few of these could be considered “cheap”, but there is a sliding scale of value on which each visitor should look to see what they want to prioritize. It may be comfort, it may be value, or it may be quality. With the Internet offering the opportunity for research to potential visitors, it is possible to find the place that most fits in with your needs.

Tamani Hotel Marina is one of the hotels that sits towards the lower part of the scale in terms of price. This has led some people to consider it less than fashionable. It is true that the Tamani is no Burj – but then, the Burj is something else entirely. Regular visitors to the Tamani, however, report that it is somewhere that not only gives value for money, but exceeds what could be considered value. Quite simply, it is a five star hotel that compares favorably for price with several hotels with lower ratings. Close by there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy the nightlife of Dubai – an experience that will be well worth taking.

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