Al Murooj Rotana Dubai

Al Murooj Rotana Dubai is really a never-seen-before hotel in the heart of New Dubai, next to the Jumeirah Beach. It looks like an interesting cross between a luxury hotel and a Greek mountain village just by the sea. The hotel is a huge complex, a real luxury hotel, and it really looks unbelievable.

The whole area is blue with the water of the enormous pool that makes the centre of the resort and hundreds of balconies in every height facing the pool on the inside. The hotel Al Murooj Rotana has plenty of rooms with a sea view as well. This luxury hotel has a great situation, being only 10 minutes away from the closest metro station. The hotel is situated quite close to the business centre of Dubai, containing lots of attractions like the huge Exhibition City, the even bigger World Trade Centre and the centre of world records, the biggest fountain system in the world, the Burj Khalifa tower, neighboured by the biggest shopping centre in the world, the Dubai Mall.

The Al Murooj Rotana Dubai has already been rewarded as the best convention and conference Hotel of Dubai, in 2008. Out of this we can see, that the specific area of interest of the hotel is to get more of corporate guests. Apart from being perfect for the corporate guests, the hotel is excellent for the city lovers and for those who openly love shopping around the whole downtown. The Al Murooj Rotana is also great for families for the closeness of the beautiful beachside of the Persian Gulf, also the closeness of the Wild Wadi Water Park. From here, the iconic vessel shaped hotel, the Burj Al Arab can also be noticed.

The hotel’s hall looks like a jungle with all the beautiful green plants arranged smartly. There this beauty is carried on in the magnificent Arabic style gardens of the Al Murooj Rotana Dubai. The hotel has altogether ten catering facilities, restaurants and lounges mixed. The restaurants represent the culinary traditions of diverse countries; many from far away continents, like South America to India. Of course, the real Arabic cuisine together with the Seafood should be the priorities when in Dubai, but anyway for sure, you can get the best meals in the Al Murooj Rotana. Try the hotels real English pub, called the Double Decker and if you go for the Latin-American cuisine, then try the Latino House.

The rooms of the hotel are all beautiful, have breathtaking view either to the seaside or to the polished gardens and swimming pool of the hotel. Of course, all the rooms and suites go with a balcony. All rooms are equipped with AC, hair dryer, TV, Phone, Up to date newspapers, there is a daily cleaning service and non-stop room service. The laundry service is available on request as an extra.

If you decide on staying at the Hotel Al Murooj Rotana, you will for sure have a wonderful time there, in the very centre of the Dubai beach life and very close to all the rest of the main attractions of the city. You can be sure that the Al Murooj Rotana Dubai will welcome you with all their kindness and pleasure.

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