Wild Wadi Dubai

If you are longing for the water activities while staying in Dubai and want to go for an absolute fun-time, then the Wild Wadi Dubai is the best place for you! The one and only Arabic styled water theme park in the world, with its size and number of attractions, Wild Wadi Dubai ensures to have fun activities in the water for all generation!

Wadi means Osais in Arabic and according to the legend, it was a sailor named Juha, who had once found the place, where now the Wild Wadi Dubai is situated, after an adventure of his, which ended with a shipwreck. He saw this place with its many natural springs and eventually thought to make this place accessible and enjoyable for every people. Of course, this is just a legend, but one can meet Juha, his family and friends while visiting the amusing Wild Wadi Dubai.

Wild Wadi Dubai is situated at the Jumeirah Beach, right by the Jumeirah Beach Hotel and the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel. Jumeirah is one of the coolest and richest districts of Dubai with so many attractions that not even a month would be enough to see or visit them all. Wild Wadi Dubai is operated by the very famous Jumeirah Hotel Chain, which has several luxury hotels in Dubai, one of which is situated in the Emirates Tower Nr.2. You can find numerous attractions inside the Wild Wadi Dubai, countless pools enabling one to swim from one attraction to the other without having to get out of the water. Its pools contain water of different temperatures to give the chance for everyone to have their fun or their relaxing time. Year by year new attractions are built in the Wild Wadi Park. Some of the newest include a water slide, which gives you the feeling of being caught in several tornados! Apart from this, the Wild Wadi Park is the one of the parks, which has the longest waterslides in the whole world!

For people looking for relaxing ways of fun, there is the Flood River, which is a boat ride on waves to give the feeling to be out on the sea or in a natural river. The Juha’s Flow is the longest river- like pool to travel on with its 360 meters.

For those looking for the adventure, there are two pools where they can try to surf the wild artificial waves, getting a real impression of surfing the wild waves of the sea. The Beaker’s Bay pool also has similar features, but it gives a more complex fun-time due to its huge size. In this Dubai water park, there are several restaurants, a huge area specifically for Children of every age offering such attractions as the Juha’s Dhow and Lagoon, creating an adventurous treasure-finding journey for them with the help of Juha, his friends and family.

Apart from the various water activities, Wild Wadi also offers various programmes for the visitors, such as funny competitions or to watch several shows all of which are represented by professional swimmers or the sportsmen of other extreme water sports such as flow-riders or extreme surfers just to mention a few. The Wild Wadi theme park guarantees hours of non-stop fun for everyone!

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