Burj Khalifa – The Beauty of Dubai

People around the world have always been enthralled to see architectural brilliance. As times have gone by architectural development have gone up leaps and bounce. So looking at a glance for the architectural brilliance round the world Burj Khalifa would surely come in your mind. Burj Khalifa is considered to be the tallest building in the world. Out of various outstanding buildings in the world Burj Khalifa stands over the rest. It is the tallest man-made building now.

The skyscraper is situated in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Prior to its inauguration it was known as Burj Dubai, but later it was changed to Burj Khalifa. At the time of planning of the construction it was decided that the skyscraper would be 90 stored tall. When the planning procedure was being presented to His Highness, a simple question was being asked, “Why stop here”? Thus the planning procedures were being re drawn and now the building stands proud at 828 m, approximately 1217 feet. The building has an observation point on the 124th floor that is open for the public for a period of 30minutes interval. The observation point provides an eye catching view of the coast and the island present there. It is being observed that on a clear and a sunny day, Abu Dhabi and even Iran is visible. If that is the case, it is surely an architectural genius and it is an asset we should all be proud of.

The design was being inspired by the desert plant Hymenocallis, the skyscraper stands tall having 160 floors which are habitable and also consisting of 46 additional floors which are strictly used for the maintenance purpose. It is an ideal holiday destination you could look for. If you are looking for supreme luxury and an out of this world experience Burj Khalifa is the place to be. Burj Khalifa consisting of 146floors consists of hotel suites, malls, apartments, corporate offices, restaurants, and an observation deck.

Out of all one noticeable feature would be its $220m fountain that is situated just in front of the skyscraper. The fountain just outside is also a place to look for. It consists of 6,600 lights accompanied by 50 color projectors and the water from the fountain reaches an enormous height of 250m.

This is not all, it consist of a park named Burj Khalifa Park. The park spreads over a region of 27 acres. It is also a luxurious park having pools and water jets apart from beautiful gardens and walk-way. The rooms consist of all the facilities you always dreamt about. The rooms are highly luxurious and you would surely have an experience that would be there for the rest of your life.

Burj Khalifa was inaugurated at the time when the world was undergoing a financial crisis. Burj Khalifa is a symbol how the world has come out of the challenges of economic crisis and it is surely considered a symbol success. So Burj Khalifa is not only a structure which is an asset of the Arab region but also for the world.

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