The Great Dubai Fountain

Dubai has become a very important city if we take it as a tourist resort. As a touring point of view, this city has gained a rapid fame in last few years. It ranks as an international venue for tourist and one of the safest places where you can stay with your friends and family. Dubai is a commercial city and people all over from the world spend heavily on their businesses. Big investors of the world have started their businesses in this city. In last two years, huge investment is made on shopping malls, supermarkets and hypermarkets. Dubai is known as a city of malls. There are so many international malls in business in this wonderful land and Dubai Fountain is one of these. It is recently introduced in the market and it has gained a very good reputation in very short period. Exact location of Dubai Fountain is Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

This is an international mall and it has wide number of branched, which are running in all major cities of the world. Dubai has proved a profitable land for Dubai Fountain. It is a private entity and it is ranked among top ten shopping malls of the world. According to a recent estimate, it is the most visited venue on the basis of attendance. It is constructed over 30 acre and it is designed by a famous international architecture firm WET Design. The owner of the Dubai Fountain is a Swiss and he has shifted in Dubai with his family in 2010. It is a beautiful mall and its construction fulfils all international requirements. Basically it is a mall but it is more an entertaining venue rather than a shopping mall. People all over from the world love to visit this wonderful mall with friends and families.

Dubai Fountain is very famous for shopping and dining. You can enjoy shopping in a very peaceful and healthy environment. It is best for personalized shopping. You can purchase everything of your need here. International restaurants and cafes are also established in the mall. You can relax and enjoy the best of your time in Dubai Fountain.

The mall has a unique design. Special feature of Dubai Fountain is its beautiful fountains. The mall is lighted with six thousand and six hundred lights and twenty-five mega coloured projectors. The centre fountain of Dubai Fountain shoots water up to 240 feet high Total cost incurred on its construction is AED 800 million and it is USD 218 million if measured in US currency.

The name of this mall has a very special history. Its name was decided in a contest that was held by the developer of Dubai Fountain. The name of the developer is Emaar Properties. Its name was officially announced on 26 October 2008. It was first tested in February 2009 and opened officially for public on 8 May 2009. In January 2010, some major alterations were made in its design which increased its height to 275 meter All the required information about the mall is also available on its website.

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