Monarch Hotel Dubai

To stand out from the crowd in Dubai, a hotel needs to make a real statement. This is a city which, after all, has more than its fair share of accommodation solutions. It is a place that welcomes visitors from all over the world with money in their pockets and experience of the best service and facilities that the rest of the world has to offer. Just to get these people to pay any attention, you need to be providing something above the norm, impressing people who are difficult to impress at the best of times. A lot of money is spent building and improving hotels in Dubai and the reason for this is quite simple – there is no shortage of hotels where people can go, no shortage of competition for the top spot. Quality is therefore important, as is image.

The Monarch Hotel is in among the real challengers for the dollars, dirham, pounds and Euros of visitors to Dubai. Quite apart from anything else, it has an address to be reckoned with – while Paris has its Champs-Elysées and Barcelona Las Ramblas, Dubai’s most famous street is without question Sheikh Zayed Road. Located at Number One, Sheikh Zayed Road you will find the Monarch. This is something that sets a place apart from other locations, an area that allows you to make a bold statement. In being placed where it is, the Monarch is in the privileged position of being the first building numerically on the most famous street of the most lucrative city in the Middle East.

The real key point with the Monarch is tied in with this exclusivity. The name itself has resonance for the sense of quality and standards. In being named as it is, the Monarch in Dubai is holding itself up there as a beacon of quality that literally is fit for royalty. Its many customers clearly agree, as they tend to return to the Monarch whenever they visit Dubai – something that more and more people are doing due to its importance for business and its ready supply of things to do for the holiday maker. The Monarch has a reputation as a business hotel – and this is certainly not completely unfounded as it performs that service quite brilliantly. But it is impossible with its location for the Monarch to be just a business hotel – and leisure visitors love it too.

While other hotels may have more on site activities, the Monarch trumps any suggestion of being a poor location for holiday makers by being within a short hop of the real areas of activity in Dubai. Taxi fare to any of the souks or the Mall of the Emirates is easily affordable, and by being located somewhere that is not designed for noisy activity it makes for an excellent place to return to after you have shopped until you almost literally drop in the city center. For the purposes of relaxation – or for business conducted in a quiet and professional location – the Monarch hotel is a real pleasure for the visitor to Dubai.

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