Dusit Thani Dubai

One of the most striking things about Dubai is its massive diversity. While most major world cities are rich in variety – the spice of life according to many people – Dubai seems to have taken real steps to make it part of the city’s imprint. Although there is a persistent view that this makes for an almost hollow, artificial “McDiversity”, the fact of the matter is that Dubai is an ambitious city with a real thirst to be at the forefront of everything, business-wise, and to do this it is required to welcome with open arms people from all sources. Something that is a necessity will very quickly become normality, and from normality an optimist will pick out the virtue. It is not so much making a virtue out of a necessity, as picking out the existing virtue.

Part of this growing diversity in Dubai is to be seen in the many restaurants, bars and shopping malls all around the city. It is not uncommon in any major city to have Italian, Indian or Mexican restaurants; neither is it to find Irish, English or American bars or French brasseries. In Dubai, though, perhaps because of the era in which its major expansion has taken place, all of these things have happened and been stamped very firmly with their identities. While for some people this may jar a little bit – their view will be that it should be something that happens organically rather than a thing that is created – the truth of the matter is that, one way or the other, diversity happens, and on balance, people are happy with it.

The Dusit Thani Dubai hotel is an example of another influence that has helped create the rich tapestry that is Dubai. Owned and run by a Thai hotel chain, the Dusit Thani is an example of everything that is loved worldwide about Thai culture. Not least of these things is the reputation that the Thai people have worldwide for scrupulous standards and polite respect without being overbearing or intrusive. Of course, Dusit Thani is not a theme hotel and if you want to experience a Thai holiday then you are still best served by going to Bangkok or Phuket. Dusit Thani is a Dubai hotel which conforms to Thai standards.

On the top floor of this luxury hotel is an open air pool. Open to the elements, this is a wonderful way to catch some sun, have a bit of a swim and see the jaw-dropping Dubai skyline from a view point that is not like all the others. Without being excessively conspicuous, the Dusit Thani Dubai is a place that will without doubt stick in the memory of anyone who stays there – for all the right reasons and without having to try too hard, either. It does make a refreshing change from the more glitzy, style-over-substance hotels, and would be an excellent choice for a quiet weekend – or longer – for a couple or a small family where the children are in their teens or older.

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