The Best Mexican Restaurants of Dubai

It might maybe sound surprising for many, but having been so lucky to taste foods of both nations, we can see some touchable similarities between the cuisines of these countries. That is why there are many more Mexican restaurants in Dubai than you would think. Some of the Mexican restaurants are in fact Mexican-American. As there are plenty of Americans living in Dubai, most of them liking and got used to eating Mexican food, having a Mexican restaurant here is a good investment.

The similarities between Mexican, Arabic and even Indian cuisine lies in the ingredients and the seasoning. Many people like the Mexican food, especially those who like hot and spicy food. The Mexican fresh salads are also very popular over here. Mexicans, like Arabic people use beans due to their agriculture and crops which are the most likely to grow in these countries. The difference is in the usage of corn. Corn originates from Mexico, so no wonder that corn is one basic ingredient of most Mexican foods. The Mexican “bread” commonly known as tortilla also has similar features to the Arabic pita. They use them to wrap or put fresh vegetables and grilled meat inside. These are the meals called Taco or Burrito; usually equal a portion of a bigger sized sandwich or a Turkish döner kebab. Mexican eating culture is similar to the Arabic one, which is no wonder why both places being hot during the day, life starts when the sun is about to set. Mexican people love to party, love the fiestas. Their food, such as the Arabic food is spicy but not too heavy on the stomach as is usual with all Mediterranean food. The biggest difference between the two nations is the love of Mexican alcoholic drinks of course. Mexican love going out and thanks to the many expats, today each cities host a couple of authentic Mexican restaurants and what more, the Mexican cuisine is today an UNESCO protected cultural world heritage.

There are many Mexican restaurants serving smaller appetisers such as tacos, burritos, fajtas, mainly next to drinks such as tequila Mexican Pizza. These are the ones called Tex-Mex restaurants, their name originating from the Texas Mexican styled bars and restaurants. So, let us see, the best Mexican restaurants to go to, when we are in Dubai:

Baja Fresh
Located in the Dubai Mall, this restaurant however crowded serves a surprisingly good quality food. All meals are fresh and although it is not the cheap Mexican restaurant in town, yet it is worth going in, while we are on a shopping tour.

Cactus Cantina
It is a Tex-Mex place and although the food is not of the best quality, yet it is good enough and the portions are huge. Try the hot chicken wings with Buffalo sauce, which is a great combination. The place is often used for parties and several expats come here to celebrate the end of the week.

Cactus Jack’s
Located in Garhoud in the Wafi city, this place is famous for its quesadilla and prawn fritos. Try also the jalapenos.

El Chico
Located in the Dubai Marina beachside with home-cooked tortillas as the appetiser, this place is by far one of the most authentic Mexican restaurants in Dubai. Here you can find tacos, burritos, quesadillas, and fajitas. You must try the roast beef and the chicken chipotle.

Mexican restaurants vary from place to place. These above-mentioned ones are fine examples to all these differences. It is truly unfortunate that 99% or the foreign restaurants are located either at a hotel or at a shopping centre that do no good with their atmosphere. However, try to win over this feeling, visit Mexican restaurants such as the Chico so you can have some great meal with great time.

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