Chelsea Tower Apartments

Apartment hotels are getting more and more fashionable all around the world and indeed apartments and apartment hotels offer great type of services, including normal hotel services, but also providing you with a kitchen within your suite, enabling you to buy and store some extra food inside, which is normally not allowed to do in an ordinary hotel. Dubai has dozens of apartment hotels, or hotels having an apartment segment. The Chelsea Tower Apartment Hotel is a great example of this. The Chelsea is a popular hotel, in its huge building there are countless rooms and apartments for the visitors, making it a new favourite among families.

Chelsea Tower Apartments Hotel is a downtown hotel located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, the main artery of Dubai, which goes through the whole downtown of Dubai, including the new and old parts of the city. The Chelsea Tower is ideal for corporate travellers, couples or lonely travellers.

The hotel is a huge skyscraper and embodies all the modern luxury a traveller needs. Chelsea Tower is located near the Dubai Mall, which means about 1-2 km away. The hotel is also quite close to the Jumeirah Beach and also it is close to the Red Line of the Dubai metro, which is right now the only line out of the four which operates, and goes through the whole centre of the city, along the Sheikh Zayed Road.

The Sheikh Zayed Road is a must visit in Dubai, in fact you could hardly avoid it, as most of the greatest Dubai attractions are located beside this road which leads you from one border to the other. The most important part of the road goes from the Dubai International Airport to the Jebel Ali Port. Another interesting thing about the Sheikh Zayed Road is that it is also a highway at the same time. As it goes through the downtown of Dubai, after leading out of the city, it turns to be E11 highway, the main highway of Dubai, leading to Abu Dhabi.

The Chelsea Hotel is operating a hotel and an apartment segment as well which gives many more facilities for tourists as an ordinary hotel. The hotel apartment has a non-stop security and reception, the apartments come with equipped kitchens and the view to the city is stunning. There is also a gym, a great swimming pool area with two different sizes children’s pools for children and toddlers as well. How beautiful is the city looking from the rooftop! The hotel has one great restaurant that has a Café segment as well. The restaurant has daily menus and á la carte menus as well. The restaurant can make you intercontinental and American breakfast as well, for an extra charge of AED 55.

You can pay an extra fee for half-board meaning to have breakfast and either lunch or dinner in the hotel restaurant. The offer of the restaurant is international.

Chelsea hotel also offers shuttle to and from the International Airport of Dubai. Children under 6 years of age can stay in the hotel free from any charges but not in separate bed. A separate bed costs AED 200 per night equalling around USD 50. Chelsea hotel is indeed good to visit; also, it is one of the most economical hotels in Dubai.

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