Popular American Restaurants of Dubai

Americans travelling to Dubai need not have any fear of whether they will be able to tolerate the food. There are at least 34 different American restaurants in Dubai. The diversity of American cuisine available in the American restaurants in Dubai is surprisingly vast. The openness and willingness to allow American restaurants in Dubai is a perfect example of its welcoming attitude to new and innovative approaches.

The famous Sheikh Zayed Road has many restaurants on offer. Starting with the famous ones, Applebee’s or Fuddruckers, where you can have some of the best American burgers in Dubai. Besides, there is also the Caramel Restaurant & Lounge, Gourmet Burger Kitchen, Johnny Rockets, just to name a few. The interiors of these Dubai restaurants are awesome, something not-to-miss.

Tex-Mex food is very famous at Chile’s, located in the Deira. It gives a family friendly environment on all days, except Sundays. Deira is a famous touristical and historical place also satisfies the people with sweet tooth at Cinnabon’s, Mrs. Field’s or Dunkin Donuts. If that does not give you the good ole home feel, you can go to the American restaurant Diggity Dog in Dubai, located in the International City. There is an American restaurant in Dubai that illustrates the frontier aspects of the west of the Westerners called Go West. Instead of just having American restaurants in Dubai, they have also incorporated the American bar scene by allowing the Caramel Restaurant Bar, the Boston Bar, and the Pergola & H2O at the Hilton just to name a few. If you want to go to a great American restaurant in Dubai that reminisces the 1950’s, you can always go to Johnny Rockets. They have several restaurants representing American history throughout Dubai. American cafes that have become so popular and such a major part of our American culture such as Starbuck’s and Ex Freshies – The extreme café have also been imported into the Dubai culture.

Not just the American visitors enjoying the American restaurants in Dubai, but also the natives. Having these American restaurants in Dubai is giving people from all over the world the chance to experience the westerner’s appetite. Probably one of the best aspects of having these American restaurants in Dubai is that they are primarily the casual spots to eat in America and fit well with the casual and respectable atmosphere in Dubai.

One thing for sure is that having American restaurants with residents and visitors in Dubai is a great accommodation for those that are not very daring in their eating habits coming from America. It is a relief to know that there is quality choices in the American restaurants located in Dubai. Most of these restaurants have wonderful homemade recipes that can be successfully traded with the Easterner’s, so America can import more of their cuisine into their culture. It is a long and remembered tradition that many differences among various types of groups have been bridged by having quiet, delicious, relaxing meals together. Sharing a meal seems to be a most powerful way of establishing rapport with someone so when you visit Dubai and have the opportunity to share American cuisine with an Easterner, do not hesitate to do so; for sure, you will get some very interesting responses.

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