Armani Hotel Dubai

Armani Hotel Dubai is a very well designed hotel of the future chain, which was born due to the agreement of Armani and the Dubai Emaar Properties, one of the wealthiest construction companies in the business.

The Armani hotel opened its doors in April 2010. There was a lot of media hype before the opening of this first hotel, which is to be followed by nine others in Milan, London, Jeddah, Moscow, Delhi out of which three would be holiday resorts. All hotels would be under the Armani name and the great worldwide known artist is the one who designs all the interior design and furnishing in the hotels. The operational part is taken over by Emaar Properties’ crew.

The Armani Hotel Dubai is located inside the tallest building in the world, called Burj Khalifa. It occupies altogether 39 floors, counting from the first floor. The Armani Hotel has 160 rooms and 144 residences, which means it was clearly designed to house the crème de la crème of all societies. From ninth to sixteenth floors, you can find the prestigious Armani residences that are a lot bigger than the rest of the suite within the hotel.

The interiors are designed with the most ultramodern attitude toward space, just how Italians like it. Everything has the colours of crème and chocolate brown. There are big spaces and minimalist furniture setting. According to the agreement with the Emaar properties, Armani takes over the full design and furnishing part. The Dubai based company deals with the rest. The Armani hotel is very big and it has great services for sure. It is a mystery why it has categorised with only three and a half stars.

The hotel has altogether eight catering facilities out of which the Ristorante serves the great Italian food. The Hashi is a Japanese sushi restaurant, the Amal serves Indian specialities and the Oase offers the Arabic dishes. In the lounge and the Mediterraneo, they serve light meals and salads á la Italian style.

The spa of the hotel is surprisingly huge and it offers a long range of treatments. The treatments of the spa gather around three names as elements: MU offers the ultimate relax, LIBERTÁ handles the pain relieving more medical style treatments and the FLUIDITÁ handles the thermal and water treatments. The spa houses the hotels fitness centre as well.

The Armani Hotel Dubai has four sorts of suites: Basic, Classic, DeLuxe and Fountain. The main difference between these is in the interiors and the actual size. While the basic suite is 45 square meters big, the Fountain suite goes up to being 80 square meters in size.

Armani Hotel Dubai really wants to catch the attention of mainly European in order to live here. Thanks to its perfect business and events centre, the hotel is suitable for all sorts of smaller or bigger events. The Armani Hotel specializes in mainly the European businessperson’s category as the main sort of guests. Besides, whenever you have a walk there, its fun to peep inside or to look around a little bit, at least in the huge Armani store featured within the Armani Hotel Dubai.

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