How To Buy Gold in Dubai

Dubai is known as the “City of Gold” throughout the world and specially has a great reputation in the gold market in the Middle East. A trip to Dubai means you will surely buy some great quality of gold there because every year about 95% foreigners buy gold in Dubai on their visit. The reason of the immense popularity of gold markets of Dubai is its superior quality, eye-catching gold jewellery designs and competitive differences in prices. Here you can find any kind of gold jewellery as well as gold bars, gold coins and gold bullions that people strongly recommend as good investment tools.

Dubai is a strong economic emirate and today is considered as one of the best gold shopping and vocational destination. Only those people prefer shopping of gold in Dubai who is having an eye for taste and understanding of quality. People who want to buy gold in Dubai must visit Dubai gold souks. In Dubai, gold souks there are over 300 gold outlets with a variety of gold styles and forms. In every single day about 10 tons of gold are trading out which allow you to get the best prices and even discounts. You can buy gold in Dubai from Deira, where hundreds of best gold dealers are available who can even allow their customers to purchase gold at discount rates.

Another strong reason that people prefer to buy gold in Dubai is its low taxes on gold as compared to the rest of world. In Dubai, there are no VAT taxes on gold that make gold items 40% cheaper than the prices of gold in the west. Many gold shops display their rates on a daily basis, allowing you to make a comparison between the prices of different gold outlets. People can buy gold in Dubai in different forms like bars, coins and jewelry and in different weights and therefore its prices are also changing with these factors. Nowadays, most people are turning towards gold bullion for investment purpose and are opening new ways for folks for savings and the opportunity for earning extra money.

Many of gold shoppers are in search of best time for buying gold in Dubai. Well, as Dubai is a hub of gold so you can shop any time and from any gold souk. However, if you want to get access to better designs then it is crucial to buy gold in Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival because most of gold merchants present all their new creation and luxurious design during the festival. It is usually celebrated in the months of January and February. But frequent gold buyers never buy gold in Dubai during festivals because of high prices.

There is a great competition between gold dealers that make it beneficial for customers to buy gold in Dubai at really cheap rates. Therefore, customer must take a complete visit of different gold souks in order to find reasonable prices. You will never find differences in the quality and purity of gold.

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