HSBC Bank in Dubai

HSBC Bank is one of the world’s leading financial institutions offering the opening of local, international and offshore bank accounts in Dubai. HSBC Bank in Dubai is part of the HSBC Middle East and its current head office is in Jersey Island having main shareholding in Saudi Arabia and Egypt as well.

In Dubai, head offices of HSBC are mainly located in Bur Dubai and Jebel Ali with a customer service in Mercato Mall. HSBC Holding is the leading corporation under which HSBC Bank Middle East, and Dubai belongs to and it was founded in 1959 when HSBC acquired the British Bank of the Middle East. It is important to know that in this time Dubai still was a protectorate of the British Empire. HSBC Middle East also holds 40% share in the Saudi British Bank.

HSBC Group in general has 7.500 offices worldwide in altogether 87 countries in every continent of the world. This means HSBC is definitely a leading bank of the world. HSBC stocks are listed in London, Hong Kong, New York, Paris and the Bermuda stock exchanges. Among the services of HSBC Bank in Dubai too, we find general services for individuals and companies, personalised services, offshore services, local and global banking services and private banking too. The most important banks belonging to HSBC Bank Middle East include: The Saudi British Bank (SABB); HSBC Saudi Arabia Limited; SABB Takaful Co; HSBC Bank Egypt S.A.E, and Dar Es Salaam Investment Bank. Apart from the opening of savings account, the financial services also include mortgage finance, term depositing, credit and debit card releases, financial and personalised financial planning with debt finance and risk management planning, investment advice and services. HSBC Bank Middle East has its segments of personalised serviced according to the following: Banking (Accounts and Cards), Borrowing (Loans and Mortgages), Investment (Wealth and Grow), Planning (Savings and retirement), and Protection (Insurance and Security). As for the HSBC Corporate services, the sections count as the following: Business Banking (up to a turnover of max 30 thousand USD), Corporate Banking (over a turnover worth more than 30 thousand USD). HSBC Bank also offers specialised services for governments and governmental institutions.

HSBC Bank in Dubai works with a 42/7 hotline which assists with banking services. SMS banking is also possible together with internet banking services. Commercial services include the services for small, medium and SME corporate financial services

HSBC Bank has 50 branches all around the Gulf Countries, which include the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Lebanon. Further branches have opened in Pakistan, Algeria and the in the Arabic Palestinian Autonomous area. We do not know much about the exact state of HSCB’s branch located in Tripoli, Libya. HSBC Middle East has its special Islamic branch called HSBC Amanah, which deals with Islamic Banking specifically all around the world. This was a great idea, which has made the Middle Eastern presence of HSBC even stronger. HSBC Middle East has the ultimate aim to become a leading Islamic bank as well. Amanah Bank of HSBC provides also the same international services according to the rules of Sharia Islamic law that governs banking.

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