Jet Skiing in Dubai

Jet skiing, the younger “brother” of water skiing has also gained a lot of attention in Dubai. Jet skiing in Dubai is very popular nowadays as one of the most favourite water sports. If you would like to try or by any chance learn how to do jet skiing in Dubai, then the best places to start is your hotel, which will be able to give you the most useful jet-ski contacts, even if they do not have private courses.

During the recent decade, jet skiing in Dubai has become so famous that there are more and more jet ski races and competitions in the city, mainly organized by the Dubai International Marine Club.

Jet ski is a very popular sport. However, as it requires a quite pricy vehicle to ride on, the prices of renting a jet ski can be high. Most seaside resorts by the Jumeirah Beach offer possibilities to try or learn how to do jet ski. However, only those resorts offer who have either a private beach with bordered jet-ski place, or who lie out of the downtown area, such as the Jebel Ali Resort, which is by far the most suggested resort for all who would like to spend their holidays with mainly jet-skiing in Dubai. Jebel Ali resort also offers chances to those, who would like to learn diving or scuba diving and has water-skiing courses among its activities.

Jet ski courses usually held by the Water Sports Club of the Dubai International Marine Club, located in the Dubai Marina. Other great site to visit is the Mina Seyahi complex, which is specialized in water sports.

Jet ski, being louder than the usual water sports and because of its polluting effects on seawater, has become a ban from the public beach areas of Dubai. Therefore, if you love to try jet skiing in Dubai, the other choice for you is to look for a marine club or a yacht association who may help and guide you on how to find the best areas and offers on jet skiing in Dubai.

Often some parts of the Dubai Creek are also used for jet skiing. Dubai Creek is a river-like natural creation in the downtown of Dubai, offering many extra attractions to the city. Those, who would like to do jet skiing in Dubai, must get specific information on this as the traffic control of Dubai Creek can change anytime.

One of the easiest ways to do jet skiing in Dubai is to visit a local supplier or a travel agency that offers jet–ski tours, in and outside Dubai. That is by far the best for most tourists, as the travel agencies know where exactly one can do jet skiing in Dubai or even outside the city. Overall, it is not much expensive than renting a jet ski individually.

As you see, you will have many chances to both learn and exercise jet skiing in Dubai. If you are smart, then you will contact with one of the upper-mentioned associations on jet ski possibilities before your arrival, or contact a resort with jet-skiing facilities on courses and rates, to be able to do as much jet skiing in Dubai, as possible.

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