KidZania at The Dubai Mall

If you are in Dubai for a leisure trip then your children will also find the best opportunity to avail all the entertainment features offered by the city. Even though there are several facilities available for children at Dubai but one thing excels all of the places here and that is the KidZania. It is an interactive, safe and award-winning edutainment centre for kids. It enables them to lead their lives as they desire without the help and guidance of their elders. Hence, KidZania proves to be an entirely new and thrilling experience for children. The children are allowed to choose roles among 80 different jobs, which include the role of engineers, surgeons, artists, fire fighters, television hosts, radio hosts, chefs, mechanics, jewelry designers, and many other exciting real life roles.

Located at the world famous Dubai mall, you can easily plan a trip to KidZania while you shop and check out around 1,200 shops in the mall or visit the Dubai Aquarium then you should also visit this edutainment centre for your kids because it will provide them an experience that can be remembered throughout their lives. By enabling your child to choose his desired role in KidZania you can actually observe them that what role can they perform effectively in their real lives as well. This will help you to train your child according to his inbuilt skills easily. The children can also get an idea about the responsibilities of the real world.

KidZania offers a whole lot of entertainment feature for the kids. The children will also get to spend their money according to their choice. They will be the ones to make pizza and have snacks at Mc Donald. Moreover, this centre also has its own currency that has to be spent by the kids within the premises of KidZania.

KidZania originated in Mexico by some young Mexican Entrepreneurs who wished to create a unique entertainment center for the whole family. The Emaar Retail LLC introduced this edutainment center in Dubai. This mini city is spread over an area of 80,000 square foot that makes this place a mini entertainment city both the kids and the adults. This place is best suitable for kids between 2 to 14 years of age. Over 30 global brands have joined KidZania Dubai in making this edutainment center more successful. This centre has won different awards ever since it was introduced in Dubai and still continues to gain more and more popularity day by day.

To make the experience extremely real for the kids KidZania provides them a check at the entry that has to be taken to the bank for getting the local currency of KidZania.

In this way, children become familiar with the procedures of bank too. Hence, when it comes to the entertainment opportunities then Dubai is replete with them and there will not be a time when you can stay idle in this city. While visiting Dubai it is strongly recommended to take your kids there so that they could get the essential knowledge about affairs of the actual world by becoming a part of the KidZania world.

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