Ladies Collection of Chopard

Dubai gives spectacular offers for spending holidays and if it is the festival season then one can have a number of hot deals regarding accommodation and travel. Now when you land at Dubai, the offer is still valid in term of magnificent shopping fiesta. Dubai is a destination where hundreds of international brands are making their marks. Chopard is a brand that gives excellence in manufacturing of jewellery and luxury watches. The unique work of diamonds with stones creates magic in the products and ensures to provide the best quality around.

The ladies collection of Chopard is all about style and trend. The unique combination of diamond with sapphire and gold gives the amazing look to the product. The imperial watches by Chopard are a true reflection of elegance. Each piece of watch gives an ultimate meaning of grace. The hands, dial, and crown are made with careful minor details to create a majestic look. While the happy diamonds display the mastery of art as diamonds are carefully placed at the dial of the watch. Each diamond maintains the sharp and sparkling look inside the watch. The bold step of combining the gold with steel gives the company a new turn of style. The elegant watch is attracting women for more than 15 years.

The L.U.C collection of Chopard is a truly masterpiece of art. The unique placement of watch tools in tourbillon created a magic in the world of timepieces. The four-arm watch displays the work of latest technology. The classic racing collection of Chopard derives its name from the classic look of antique cars. The watches of the collection displays the high mechanism of technology and automotive strategies used in it. The products of Elton John reflects the brilliance of 18k gold used in it. The material of these watches offers high durability and excellence of design.

The jewellery by Chopard is a superb work of diamonds with precious stones. The necklaces, bracelets and rings capture the true essence of diamonds. Each stone is placed with mastery and gives you a flawless creation. The colored diamonds and use of pearl in earrings gives it a magnificent look. The formal collection is perfect for any event planned. The floral designs of jewellery display the true nature of art applied by Chopard. The coloured sapphire and rubies promises some of the best jewellery by any international brand.

The Chopard store in the Dubai Mall has all the latest collection of the company. It also offers other accessories apart from jewellery and watches that includes leather collection of bags, silk work and glasses. Each product offers the promise of quality and high trendy look. The huge collection entertains both men and women. The collections are highly admired by the people of elite class. For company profile, visit the website and go through the catalogue that gives the complete information about every item. Apart from that the staff at the store in the Dubai Mall is well informed with the company philosophy of design and manufacturing.