Lamcy Plaza

Lamcy Plaza is definitely one of the most prestigious shopping malls of Dubai. Lamcy Plaza is the place to visit if you like shopping together with the luxury looking arcades. You can also taste some specialities of some of its best restaurants.

Lamcy Plaza is located in the colourful Oud Metha district, which for the Westerners is the most popular of being the district of the American Hospital. While its importance is less touristic Oud Metha is still a district which you should not miss visiting. Let us see in this article what can you see and find in Lamcy Plaza and why you should visit this shopping mall.

Lamcy Plaza is situated in the middle of the downtown, in the Oud Metha district, which is just south of Bur Dubai, the old centre part of Dubai, which means surely you cannot miss the place. Lamcy Plaza first opened its doors to the public in 1997, being one of the oldest shopping centres in Dubai. However, old does not mean it would be old-fashioned! You will see all the luxury stores over here, along with some great ways of entertainment within this large plaza. The plaza is situated in a vast territory of 37 thousand square meters, so you can imagine that the number of stores found here is also quite a quantity.

The Lamcy Plaza is giving home to more than 150 stores which vary in type, but mostly deal with the selling of garments. The most important fashion retails include Nine West and Paris Gallery that sell great quality fashion items and accessories from Guess. When you are looking for watches or jewellery items, you may be indeed interested in Lamcy Plaza as it is the one and only shopping mall that houses the brand store of Citizen Watches. For the lovers of jewellery you must not miss looking around at the store of Damas Jewellery, which is the largest jewellery retail business of the emirate. Other great stores include Pure Gold, which is especially worth seeing for its more than great platinum jewellery collections. In order to see the latest fashion watches you should not miss visiting the store of Rivoli, which is among the biggest retails of designer watches. The label store of Longines is also located in the Lamcy Plaza, which is another watch brand famous for its quality and exclusivity. Other stores that may interest the fans of quality watches include the Hour Choice and the Watch house. For silverware look up the store of Al Kananah Silver and the local diamond expert is the Kini Diamond Jewellery.

Lamcy Plaza is also famous for selling a great number of sportswear you can buy any sort of sportswear in Lamcy Plaza that also includes golf and specific sportswear. Other stores within the plaza include maternity and children’s wear, a great deal of bookstores and most importantly, the Cinema City of Lamcy Plaza although the movies played here is largely Indian, this is true for most cinemas, which can be found in Dubai. While families are out shopping, children can have lots of fun in the Fun City. Lamcy Plaza also has a quality food court with cafeterias and restaurants waiting for the hungry shoppers. For those staying or living nearby, Lamcy Plaza also has a nice huge hypermarket.

It’s also interesting to know that Lamcy Plaza is located in a predominantly Indian and Pakistani area with having lots of nationality schools and clubs in its area, which include private, Indian, Iranian and Pakistani educational entities. Quite close to the Lamcy Plaza, you can find the main hotels of the district being the Mövenpick and the Eleganza Apartments. Oud Metha is separated by the mainly Indian inhabited Karama district only by the big E78 road. Getting to Lamcy Plaza is the easiest by car and there is one bus going there which you can check out at the nearby Karama bus station. The Al Nasr Leisureland complex is also quite close to Lamcy Plaza; so you can see once you visit the area, you can have lots of fun there.

This plaza is still one of the most favourite and most visited shopping malls of Dubai, and it is on the list of the ten best shopping malls in Dubai as well. Because of its size, Lamcy Plaza is divided into different sections. One section is the Food Court, where you can find all the best restaurants, bars and cafés to enjoy some relaxing time. The next part is the Multiplex part, which includes the huge cinema theatre of Lamcy Plaza. Then, for ordinary shopping there is the Hypermarket part, where you can follow the example of local women, and can buy everything from clothes to ingredients for a tasty dinner. The Plaza has many events and promotions, all aimed to keep and increase the attention of the customers. You can imagine how great it can be, especially in the evening hours, when all the lights of the plaza are on. The shops are generally open until 20:00 or 21:00, so everyone can have quite a lot of shopping time there.

Lamcy Plaza has three floors, and constructed according to the American style of shopping malls, having terraces on each floor surrounding and giving view to the big circular central area downstairs, usually equipped with some high waterfalls and tasty decorations to make the plaza look more attractive. There is also a great area for the kids, an entertainment centre for children of all age, providing also nursery services if needed.

If you are looking for the bigger international brands, then you are in the good place! Most of the well-known international fashion brands have a store over here, such as Guess, Levi’s, Guy Laroche, and Pierre Cardin. The outdoor parking place is vast enough for everyone to park there. If you would live far from Oud Metha, just take the metro to Bur Dubai, and from there you can walk on foot or you can even hire a taxi to take you there, of course all this, in case you do not have your own or rented car.

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