Let’s Talk About Chlorine Resistant Swimwear

Chlorine is a typical problem for swimwear for many decades now. The material when exposed to blend with chlorine will tend to lose from its colour. There might be chlorine stains after a while and the exact quality of the material may damage after a while. However, chlorine is still heavily in use for keeping the swimming pools clean and for avoiding any infections getting and living in the water. We cannot say that seawater harms the material a lot less either. So, no matter in which water you want to swim in, in the end, if a swimwear is not defended against too much explosion to chlorine or to seawater, then we will soon need to buy another swimsuit. That is why many sportswear companies have been dealing with making their swimwear more resistant to the effects caused by chlorine. These sorts of swimwear are called chlorine resistant swimwear. The chlorine resistant swimwear has the ability to bear a considerably longer time in the swimming pools and it resists to the effects of chlorine almost totally.

The chlorine resistant swimwear is definitely one novelty of the century along with the UV resistant swim and beachwear too. They offer a highly durable material, which you can use for multiple years without it to go bad or lose its colour.

So let us first see the materials being most used for making swimwear and the novelties in the creation of chlorine resistant swimwear. Most swimsuit materials today include polyester, nylon and Lycra, the trademark name of the spandex material. The mixtures of these are normally semi-resistant to water, which means that they endure multiple swimming in any type of water. However, after a while, the ruining of the material begins and that usually leads to changing the swimwear every season. Today’s brand new chlorine resistant swimwear contains polyurethaneurea elastic, which makes the material highly resistant to the damaging effects of chlorine.

The elastic fibre in the case of chlorine resistant swimwear has been created of tightly woven plastic threads blocking all the chlorine and salt. The elastic material is often mixed with nylon fibres that make the material even more resistant. The leading sportswear companies have started their research longer ago, especially for the professional athletes, to whom this corrosion caused by chlorine meant a serious problem, especially because they spend long hours in the water, almost every single day.

International sportswear companies, such as Adidas, Nike, Speedo or FILA have long ago offered their special chlorine resistant swimwear for the sportsmen to whom they were making the team dresses plus swimwear. Today, the demand is a lot higher for these types of chlorine resistant swimwear because in the summertime, because people do not want to lose their favourite swimwear so soon. In Dubai, there are hundreds of swimming pools for private and public use, so it is no wonder people would prefer to spend some more to buy a highly durable piece or pair of swimsuit.

In Dubai, you can find chlorine resistant swimwear in each big store in such shopping centres as Dubai Mall, which includes at least 20 great sportswear and swimwear shops, or the Mall of the Emirates, the BurJuman Centre or the Deira City Centre, being the biggest shopping malls for also the specialised needs of the customers. So, do not hesitate to go for buying your first ever chlorine resistant swimwear. They are more expensive normally but if your timing is good, you can buy discounted pieces for a lot less and will have a swimwear that you can use for many years.

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