Lingerie Collections of Yamamay in Dubai

Yamamay lends a very distinctive style to its products and the quality of the materials used and the quality of workmanship are extremely good. The company’s products mainly focus on lingerie, knitwear, beach wear, nightwear, and beauty accessories.

At Yamamay, they have a mission to create a parallel world where their customers can enjoy, not only the excellent quality and competitive price of their products, but something more than that. They would like you to escape the platitude of daily monotony and enjoy life. Yamamay network consists of over 500 franchise stores in Italy alone and more than 60 all over the world. With elegant and stylish designs that stand out, Yamamay has carved a niche for itself in the global lingerie industry.

Visualize yourself on a warm sunny afternoon at the beach basking on the sand and the waves lapping your feet. Or visualize yourself out in the exotic Mexican desert on a cool night and enjoying the beauty of the starlit night. The best way to blend into the mood is through Yamamay lingerie or beachwear. The inimitable intimate brand can help you to get into the mood pretty soon.

Since 2001, Yamamay has been making inroads into the fashion industry and their immediate priority is make comfortable and cost-efficient lingerie and swimwear for you. And, the theme that is being used for their lingerie and swimwear is the background of the exotic deserts and the cool blue seas. Traditional and conventional colors, which were hitherto used, have now taken a backseat, while the colors which remind you of the sea and the desert have now come to the fore. Bright shades of blue, pink, orange, and green reminiscent of the sea and the desert now adorn lingerie and swimwear. However, black, white, and skin tone are also expertly used to fit into their themes. Their colors and themes are so life like that you can almost hear the splash of the cool surf against your face.

Have a look at Yamamay’s summer collection which is made up of Agua de Cortez, American Holiday, Mexican Angel, Point break, and Sunset in the Desert. Bras and panties in vibrant summer colors give the impression of trendy beachwear. Padded, pushups, g-strings, Brazilian knickers, shorts and camisoles in cool prints invite you for a long summer sojourn.

Agua de Cortez is a beautiful bikini in zebra print patterns or sea themes in different hues. American Holiday is a themed collection offering bikinis and swimwear which also include some varieties in solid brown, black, or blue. Sunset in the Desert is a triangle bikini and is it quite a provocative series indeed! It gets its name from all the bright colors of a California sunset. Sand is a series that consists of trousers, balcony, Tankini, cream, pink, or coffee colored suits and pants.

One of Yamamay’s most important products is their exclusively patented ‘Upperbra’ which is the world’s first ‘wireless pushup bra’. It is a very comfortable and soft bra which is uniquely and specially designed to give a custom-made fit. It has cups that automatically conform to the shape of your breasts and are absolutely comfortable while giving you enough cleavage.

Yamamay basically caters to the needs of women, but men and children are not neglected – their needs are also met and satisfied. Yamamay has also developed beauty products that come from the forests of the Amazon.

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