Longines Watches in Dubai

Longines is a well known name in the world of watch making today. A company with a huge history and amazing collection of beautiful time pieces on show. Longines watches have been around since 1832 and for hundreds of years, they have sought to improve time keeping, and providing the best time pieces the world has seen.

Auguste Agassiz was the founder of this watch making company; its winged hourglass logo is probably one of the most known logos the world has seen and one of the oldest also. Of course most of you would recognize the time pieces from Longines watches and known them best for their ‘Aviators’ watches.

To be honest, most of these watches from Longines were for aviators, pilots who flew around the world. People such as Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Airheart were some of the inspiration to make some of the watches, even today; Longines produces watches for everyone including helping air navigation also.

In 1832, Agassiz joined with a watch part trader to create a company making watches; it soon became a huge empire, one still recognized today. It has been a family company for many years and even today, the same heart and soul that went into watch making in the 1830’s, is found today. Every care and attention was taken with each piece.

The Collection offers many great Longines watches to choose from, each is unique and they really do offer something very special for all to wear. The most popular are these
• The Hydro Conquest
• The Conquest
• The Longines Master Collection
• Longines Evidenza
• The Longines Saint-Imier Collection
• The Longines Dolcevita
• The Longines Primaluna
• La Grande Classique De Longines

Each are extremely beautiful and if you are someone who loves watches and loves to buy the best, the Longines are the best to choose from. However, if you are thinking about purchasing Longines watches, you need to know which is the one for you and which the best choice is also.

If you are searching for a new Longines watch, you should head towards the Dubai Mall. You are going to be able to find that Dubai is home to some of the worlds some beautiful boutiques and stores. Most of these boutiques are home to Longines watches and their many collections; Dubai would be the best place to shop for a new watch.

If you are in Dubai and see one of the Longines stores, take a stop in and take a look at the many beautiful items they have on offer. You will love the Longines watches and the collections. Dubai is the place to find your new watch; and to be honest, Dubai is such a beautiful place to shop at ease. You will love each exquisite piece today.

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