Marco Bicego Jewelry

Marco Bicego’s style is among the most distinctive in the world of jewelry making. Marco Bicego is among the experimental jewelers who take their inspirations from the natural forms and from the most delicate materials. The many collections of Marco Bicego are quite famous in the Dubai jewelry world too, for their beautiful and unique forms. If you want to learn more about the Dubai jewelry scene, then Marco Bicego is a must-see jeweler.

Marco Bicego has been on the international jewelry scene for quite a time and has remained famous due to his unique type of approach to jewelry making and the so many inspirations he builds his collections from. Currently, he has twelve collections each one of them named after a country of a region. Bicego merits of the forms and styles of oriental jewelry namely the Arabic and the Indian the roots of which he revives in a unique way. His Cairo and Marrakech collections are dedicated to these beautiful oriental Arabic cities with the rich usage of gold and intertwining forms. The Cairo collection revives the traditional Arabic love for the real yellow gold in the most beautiful ways. In its Marrakech collection, we can see the beauty of all the great forms gold can make. Marco Bicego dedicates one of his collections to his land Italy with its Siviglia collection, which represents great chains of jewelry with nugget forms made of gold, diamonds, and other precious gemstones, the look of which will surely remind you of the traditional Christian Catholic rosary beads calling the Old Catholic traditions of Italy. The Paradise Pearl collection is fully dedicated to the beautiful pearls and the Paradise collection features fancy colors too, making the jewelry a real summertime treat. With the Jaipur and Jaipur Diamonds collections, the designer salutes to the rich traditions of Indian gold and diamond jewelry making. All these outstanding collections are a must-see, all mirroring the great talent of Bicego in jewelry designing.

Bicego’s unique style captured the Dubai jewelry trading industry quite soon. The Dubai jewelry retailer of Marco Bicego is the huge Damas Jewelry Corporation, possibly the biggest jewelry maker and retailer of Dubai. The shops of Damas Jewelry can be found all around town. Namely, the two Dubai jewelry stores located in the new BurJuman shopping centre is the one found in the Saks 5th Avenue, called the world famous Gold Souk of Dubai in Deira and the last one is in the Wafi Mall of Wadi City. Most of these stores features under the name of Marco Bicego, but his collections can also be bought and ordered from the “Damas Les Exclusives “stores.

So, if you are looking around Dubai jewelry stores visiting one of Marco Bicego’s or Damas Jewelry stores is really something you shouldn’t miss, as the beauty of Marci Bicego’s jewelry is really unique and outstanding in both character and by means of the materials used.

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