Michael Kors Watches in Dubai

Michael Kors is an American designer who could make name for himself thanks to its colourful street wear designs and thanks to his use of fine quality materials. As most designer brands, Michael Kors has also decided to release his watches and jewellery collection, which is sold all around the world with sound success. Let us see what is worth knowing about Michael Kors watches and where we can buy them in Dubai.

Michael Kors watches can be categorised into fashion designer watches category, which means such mid to low-priced watches, which people mostly buy for their attractive outlook and for their fitting to the designers’ new or classic collection of apparels and other accessories. Michael Kors watches are not produced by the designers company but by Fossil Inc, which is very well known for its affiliation with other fashion designers and for its collections for Marc Jacobs, Dolce & Gabbana, DKNY or Burberry watches. Although Fossil is a US based company it could gain a large attention on the international watches market, when it came to the company acquiring a well-known Swiss company Zenith which by then got close to bankruptcy. Since then the movements of Fossil’s elite watches are made in Switzerland and the company uses Swiss movements in most if its creations. Fossil Inc. is today owned by the huge Timex Group but continues its work as before. Fossil’s Michael Kors watches are also made in Japan and many work with the originally Japanese quartz movement.

As for its collections, Michael Kors Watches has currently the following basic collections: Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Tortoise & Horn, Ceramic & Silicone, Glitz, Leather Watches, Men’s watches.

Michael Kors watches have no specific names for their collections but they keep track with the latest trends. The Glitz watches are those that have crystal and diamond inclusions, other models often come with chronograph dials and additional dials. The current trendy pieces include the Oversized Runway watches the Chronograph Watches and the fashionable double – wrap leather watches. The ceramics and silicone watches represent the new generation watches which are made of new generation materials, with the inclusion of high quality ceramics and silicone that add a certain sporty feel for the watches of this collection. The leather Michael Kors watches collection houses the classier looking items. In the Men’s Watches collection, we can get to see several pieces made of stainless steel.

In Dubai, there are no popular brands that you would not be able to find. The city has a record number of stores and shopping malls and it is indeed the city to come when you are looking for any sort of quality jewellery or watches.

If you are looking for Michael Kors watches in Dubai, you will find brand stores in the Dubai Mall and in the Mall of the Emirates. Several large retailers deal with the selling of Michael Kors watches too, such as Rivoli watches that have stores in about all shopping malls of Dubai, including several luxury hotels as well.

Michael Kors watches are famous for their great design and fine quality and their prices are pretty good and suitable for the people of any income. We highly suggest you to take a look at the newest Spring collection of Michael Kors watches, when you are in Dubai.

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