Navigating the Job Market in Dubai: How Recruitment Agencies Can Help

It is vital to understand some basic information about the recruitment agencies in Dubai if you are planning to seek more job opportunities and emigrate to Dubai or any of the Gulf countries. Most people from western countries would think that the environment in Dubai is very different than those in the US and some European countries; in reality, they are almost the same. Usually, a job applicant can find job listings and classified advertisements in the local newspapers and websites just like how people in US find jobs. The recruitment agencies work exactly the same as well at most with some region-specific details.

Most recruitment agencies in Dubai operate the same way as similar agencies in the US and other western countries. If one is looking for a job, he or she can seek services like online application and information about available jobs from the recruitment agencies. By registering with a recruitment agency, job hunters can view job openings and sometimes even post their resume with the agency online effortlessly.

There are plenty of jobs in Dubai ranging from construction industries such as construction management, engineers, materials and materials specialists to financial related services like private bankers, finance analysts and accountants.

These agencies would normally review the applicant’s skills and assist them with their resumes so they can successful get their ideal job. It is vital that you work with recruitment agencies in Dubai in order to be accepted seen as a serious candidate who is looking for job. For the employers, recruitment agencies in Dubai are responsible for assessing the capabilities of potential candidates and advertise job openings. The main difference in the services supplied by the recruitment agencies to the job applicants and the employers is that they offer visa services.

It is important to have a work visa to work in another country, so most recruitment agencies in Dubai offer visa services to make the whole job hunting process easier on to their clients. Since Dubai recruitment agencies often deal with clients in other Gulf countries, they work with visa often help their clients to apply for visas regularly. When searching for a job through recruitment agencies, be careful that the job you are looking at is physically located in Dubai; some jobs listing does not indicate the exact office location. It might be a Dubai based company looking for bankers for their office in other Gulf countries like Bahrain, Jordan, or Syria for example.

Besides knowing that you need a valid work visa to be employed in Dubai, it is also important to understand that in general, the work week is different than the most western and Asian work week. In Dubai, the work week begins on Saturday and ends on Wednesday. In some industries, the week can start on Saturday or Sunday and end on Thursday. It might be awkward and hard to get used to the work week at first but this is because of due to the Muslim’s holy day which is on every Friday. Therefore, don’t be surprised if your boss wants you to come to work on a Sunday!

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