Navrang Jewellery in Dubai

The jewellery business is a world of cutthroat competition. You have to stay ahead of the market and know the pulse of your customer to be successful in this field. There are various sections of customers when it comes to jewellery shopping, not only in Dubai but also in the world over. One of the most prominent sections is the section of middle aged professionals. This section is the group that usually prefers shopping for the most prominent and ethnic pieces. These pieces would be costlier and usually will require a higher weight in gold.

Another shopping section in Dubai is the group of youngsters who go in for the light pieces which go well modern attire and are safer to wear as they are usually made with very little gold. They can also use precious and semi-precious stones. Most jewellers also keep in mind the marriage parties who opt mostly for the heavy designs and pieces with an ethnic touch.

For a store to set up base in Dubai and run a successful business, the people at the top rungs of the ladder should have a keen sense of business acumen and should be able to give the market exactly what it is thirsting for. The members of the Navrang jewellery team have been able to do this very successfully, making their jewellery a prominent name in the shopping circles of Dubai. What can Navrang jewellery offer to its faithful following of customers?

Navrang jewellery constantly maintains a balance between the new and contemporary design along with a strong collection of the ethnic design of both Arabic and Indian origins. You can also have pieces custom made to your likes. They offer the best services and make sure that all their customers are satisfied and happy. Their making charges and all other extras are kept to a bare minimum to ensure that the customers are offered an unbeatable price for every piece of jewellery. You can walk into any Navrang showroom and ask them for a clear explanation about the pricing of the pieces of your interest. The well trained salesmen are bound to explain to you the divisions in the pricing of the jewellery pieces.

All the pieces of jewellery in Navrang are certified and hallmarked, ensuring the highest quality of gold. They adhere to the world market price of gold and do not add any kind of extra tax. The stones are also certified and checked for clarity, purity and errors. Every stone will have a rate fixed on it and you can also buy pieces with hand-picked stones placed on them. They are also experts at restoring family heirlooms and can do it for you at an economical price.

These factors give the customers a sense of peace and trust. They are sure that their money is safe if it is invested in the Navrang jewellery pieces. The metal and the stones will be of the best quality and any jewellery in Dubai cannot challenge the price that they paid for it.

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