Necklace Shopping in Dubai

Dubai, in the past decade, has successfully recreated itself as not only an attraction on its own, a tourist paradise but also a paradise for all the shoppers and fans of high quality jewellery. Today, Dubai is a leading force in jewellery sales on a global level. You can find an incredible number of jewellery brands and stores selling imported jewellery virtually from all over the world. Let us look at some of the outstanding brands where you can get to see and buy all different sorts of necklaces in Dubai.

No matter it’s about buying gold, silver, gold alloy (such as white, pink, rose or even purple gold), or platinum jewellery, you can find these all in Dubai. The city is excessively rich in jewellery stores and great specific places that are specifically created for buying jewellery. If you are looking for a great necklace set or even a single necklace, you will face a fantastic choice of Dubai jewellers to browse through. Some brands, such as Pure Gold offer all the above mentioned jewelleries, from silver to platinum and have quickly become one of the most outstanding jewellery brands on the Dubai jewellery market while other brands are outstanding because they are specialized in one or some sorts of jewellery. In the Indian jewellery stores, such as Chungath, Mamiya, Meena Bazaar or Atlas Jewellery you can get to see outstanding necklace designs, coming straight from different Indian regions wearing the most beautiful characteristics of traditional Indian jewellery making. The huge Indian necklace sets, many of which are specifically sold for weddings must be seen in their full gloom. If you would like to take a look at the most beautiful Indian necklace designs you ought to visit Meena Bazaar, located in Bur Dubai. Most Indian Jewellers, from Al Liali to Atlas offer their extensive collections of Indian jewellery in separate collections while they offer western and Arabic necklace sets in their other collections.

One of the most memorable jewellery in Dubai, which has become very popular for having a great and diverse collection of jewellery, is definitely Al Haseena Jewellers. Al Haseena offers necklace and other jewellery collections from Turkey, Bahrain, Korea, India, Singapore and Italy. There are very few jewellers where you can get to see such a huge diversity of quality jewellery, therefore we really suggest you not to miss out on visiting Al Haseena based in Deira Gold Souk with his main showrooms located inside the Gold Center, one of the most extensive shopping malls of Gold Souk.

Another great brand you should not miss visiting is Damas. Damas jewellery has by far the biggest collection of jewellery, with its own 15 brands paired up with 12 international brands’ collections; Damas has grown out to become the biggest luxury jewellery not only in its homeland Dubai, but also in the whole Middle East. Damas Jewellery has stores all across Dubai, from the Gold Souk to the Dubai Mall that makes them very easy to find. Damas has extensive collections of Arabic and Western style necklace sets and other pieces of jewellery to such an extent that Damas is currently the only jeweler, which decided on making three different sorts of jewellery stores, to be able to accommodate all its brands.

Dubai downtown may be like one huge jewellery store for all visitors. From its beautiful Gold Souk to its biggest shopping mall the Dubai Mall, you can get to find the finest Dubai and international jewellery brands all of which offer outstanding necklace designs from all over the world. We really suggest you to visit Dubai for its unbelievable choice of quality jewellery and for its great deal of tourist attractions nonetheless.

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