Necklaces by Bvlgari

Being among the best jewellers in the world, Bvlgari stores are widely appreciated and visited in Dubai with its flagship store located in Dubai Mall. We will explore where else and you can get to see the great collections of Bvlgari jewellery.

Being among the leading jewelleries of Italy, over the past century Bvlgari has grown out to be one of the leading jewelleries of the world. Having a distinctive Greek heritage, the majority of Bvlgaria’s jewellery offers rustic peaces to its clients, made out of the best fine metals. In this article, we will observe the unique collections of Bvlgari, which includes their Bvlgari necklace collections.

In this article, we will exclude the non-jewellery related lines of Bvlgari and we will get to see their exquisite collections of jewellery and accessories, both of which representing beautiful Bvlgari necklace sets. Bvlgari features around 20 different collections being diverse by style and by the main fine metal used in making them. As we do not have space here to represent all its collections one by one, we will focus on those that represent some of the unique style of Bvlgari necklaces. Hereby we represent you to the newest collections of Bvlagri:

• Monete: Inspired by the coins of medieval times, this collection represents some very beautiful art pieces of Bvlgari necklace that feature one or multiple real silver medallions that are formed to resemble old time coins. Monete Bvlgari necklaces have pave diamonds, and pearls as well. Monete collection features its pieces in yellow and pink gold.

• B Zero1: Featuring plain golden chain of Bvlgari necklaces with great rustic Bvlgari pendants made out of white and yellow gold. The collection features above 15 different looks. Here, the pendant has the leading role and goes especially well with nightdresses, but can be also worn during the day.

• Mediterranean Eden : A lively collection featuring lilac inclusions in yellow, white or rose gold jewellery features great light Bvlgari necklaces which go especially well with summertime or springtime wear. Mediterranean Eden collection features more than 20 different looks wearing the touch of mutual inspiration but looking sometimes entirely different. These all feature great coloured gemstones and made out of white, yellow and rose gold creations.

• Bvlgari Features the signature forms and style of Bvlgari featuring exquisite necklaces, which are equally great to wear during the day or for the night. Some of these collections Bvlgari necklaces are quite rustic, while others are made to be smaller, each piece looking very sophisticated.

Apart from these leading creations of Bvlgari, the brand features other outstanding collections as well which you will need to check out for yourself once you are in Dubai, where Bvlgari is really popular. The biggest store of Bvlgari can be found in the huge Dubai Mall, yet you can find Bvlgari also in the great shopping mall of Mall of the Emirates and in the luxurious Emirates Towers in the downtown of Dubai.

If you would like to buy some of the fantastic jewellery creations, such as the Bvlgari necklace creations in Dubai, you should really check out the springtime and autumn Shopping Festivals. During this time, all the shops have great discounts, up to even 25-30% off the original price, which means a lot, especially if you would prefer to buy not one but multiple Bvlgari necklaces.

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