Night Life in Dubai

Dubai will provide you with one of the most lively and exciting nightlife scenes you can experience during your visit to UAE. Plan your trip in a way so that you can avoid Mondays which have certain restrictions – rest of the days is for you to enjoy and have fun! With several night clubs, hotels, bars, pubs and restaurants open till late hours, Dubai is the place to have some of your best drinks while enjoying music and dance to your fullest.

Night life in Dubai means music, parties and loads of drinks. Visit any nightclub in Dubai and enjoy one of the liveliest music and dance to the tune of DJs while celebrating with your friends. Every nightclub has its own group of performers who present unique music just for their guests every day of the week. Dubai boasts of several nightclubs in and around the city with authentic Arabic cuisine, drinks and melody in amicable hospitality. If you wish to have some more fun in these clubs, then dress up a little bit more flamboyantly or wear your glam clothes. You will enjoy the way how the bouncers pull you up into the stage and make you dance to their hardcore Arabic beats. Many nightclubs have a separate dance floor for dancers to enjoy with the music. You can visit such nightclubs in mixed groups or with your partner. You will find many nightclubs catering to families who visit them with special amenities and services catering to such parties.

Bars in Dubai start getting busy from 10 30 pm onwards. You can easily watch a steady stream of party lovers enter the bars and clubs in Dubai during this time. Bars and restaurants offer sumptuous international cuisine and great hospitality in an authentic Arabian ambience. You might be required to pay a small amount as entry fees to many such restaurants and clubs, which is quite affordable. Women are not deprived nor are they left behind in Dubai. Tuesday’s are meant for women and officially declared as Ladies Night. This is a time when women enjoy to their fullest either singly or in groups and enjoy their favorite drinks for free. Thursday is one of those days of the week, when you will find nightlife in Dubai to be at its peak. Almost all clubs, pubs and bars are brimming to their fullest capacity.

Those who are party freaks and wish to enjoy every weekend of their stay in Dubai, can subscribe to the life membership plans of these clubs. You can see a mixture of clients in these bars, who make every effort to provide amicable amenity to every person who enters the club. However, there are some common rules and laws which need to be followed. A person needs to be of minimum 21 years to drink alcohol and should be at least 25 years old to enter any nightclub of Dubai. All bars usually remain open till 3 am in the morning. Thus, before you make plans for your next party keep these factors in mind.

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