Nightlife in Deira

Nightlife in Deira is great and contains a high variety of choices. Being part of the Old Town Dubai, the Deira district is just facing the Bur Dubai district with the Dubai Creek dividing them. Same as Bur Dubai, Deira also has a central ranking when it comes to the number of places for a great night out. No matter what nationality you are, surely you will find the one site for your flavour. No matter its a wild club or a rock place, a British pub or a Sports pub you will surely have a great time while enjoying Dubai nightlife in Deira.

Deira has by far the highest number of places, which are expecting guests in the evening and have music inside, either with or without dancing possibilities. The number of pubs of all sorts is also quite high, as many tourists prefer them to the nightclubs or discos. For getting closer to Dubai nightlife, you have to know that in Dubai most nightclubs, especially those serving alcohol can be found in hotels. This is because of Emirati regulation and restriction of alcohol consuming other than at a hotel for tourists.

Deira Dubai has about 70 different sorts of clubs and lounges on offer not to mention those, which are not on the list of the touristic sites. In Deira, there are so many different sorts of places that we will enlist those, which caught our attention as the best sports of Dubai nightlife.

Al Mushref is an attractive Arabic style venue with live performance and music. For other authentic places check out the Al Sahariya, the Arabic Nightclub and the Al Zumorrod Iranian Club where there is great music and dancing possibilities. These places are nice to enjoy Dubai nightlife through the locals’ eyes. However, note that Arabic places either are only for men or for tourists as Arabic couples still does not go out that much. For those who would love to experiment Dubai nightlife with electronic music and trendy places, the following places are the best to visit. They are Distil in Lotus Boutique, El Rancho with Western style decors, the Hibiki Japanese style club with karaoke, Issimo Bar and Lounge with high style and house music, the Ku-Bu which is a great funky bar, the Manila 365 which is a Filipino place which is very trendy to visit, the Red Square Russian nightclub, the Tehran by Night if you like Iranian dance floor music, the Velvet Lounge or the Vodoo. These or some of these are the real gemstones of Dubai nightlife in Deira. All of these are located in hotels but the taxi driver will know them only of their names so this way you don’t really need to know the hotel names that well unless you plan to go there driving. Terrace and rooftop bars are also very popular in Deira. Some great examples include The Terrace Bar.

Explore Dubai nightlife through all the different pubs you find there- There are plenty of English, Irish or American themed pubs for the companies and groups of friends. Normally these are the best-visited places by the local expats. Among the most popular choices we can name the Carpenters, the Pub, Downtown Sports Bar and Grill with pool tables, Dublin Arms or Duke’s Bar. The choices in pubs are close to endless so it is on you to explore them all. These are important elements of Dubai nightlife for tourists and expats.

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