Nightlife Spots in Jebel Ali

Dubai nightlife is more than just colourful. As, especially in the summer when the weather is by far the best in the evening and during the night so that is the main time people move around town. Jebel Ali is a mainly industrial zone, therefore there is not much of the Dubai nightlife here, although the main hotels feature some night-out possibilities which we would like to represent with some other chances.

Dubai nightlife in Jebel Ali is not as strong as in the downtown of Dubai, which is quite understandable because the population of Jebel Ali is not big either. Most people come here to work from the nearby territories. The huge Jebel Ali port is dominant in this area. Of course, life goes on non-stop over here. The other complexes, like the Jebel Ali Free Zone and the Al Maktoum Airport creates workplace for thousands of people, not to mention the other entire industrial establishment in the zone. Yet Jebel Ali has huge potentials. However, its Dubai nightlife is not yet developed, it has a beautiful and enormous holiday complex at Mina Jebel Ali, which also serves as an important hub of yachting and other different water sports, is located just by the feet of the next palm shaped island, which is soon to be announced ready. If the Palm Jebel Ali will be an operating entity, it will house several holiday and tourism establishment, which will mean that Jebel Ali will get into the mainstream of Dubai nightlife and the whole tourism and commercial life of the city.

In the Mina Jebel Ali complex, you can find the huge Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, which serves as the main hotel of the whole Jebel Ali holiday complex, which features extra huge parks, gold clubs, and horse riding facilities and has more than one hotel in its huge territory. Here you can have several chances to enjoy the sea the sun and the nature. The second most important hotel of Mina Jebel Ali is the high-classed Jebel Ali Palm Tree Court and Spa, which houses some clubs, just like the La Fontana Infinity Pool and Bar, the Palmito Pool Bar and the White Orchid Lounge. Also in Mina Jebel Ali, you will find other great places for example the Joya Latin Bar or the Sunset Lounge.

Jebel Ali has no real population. This means that there is no local town or village over here and no other places to go except if you stay there as a tourist. If someone still lives in Jebel Ali, within an industrial complex and wants to go out, then they go to the huge Dubai Marina complex on the border of Jumeirah district, which has a rich Dubai nightlife, featuring all sorts of bars, clubs, lounges and discotheques. From Jebel Ali, Dubai Marina takes only a couple of minutes to reach by car or taxi. Dubai nightlife in the Dubai Marina is really buzzing it is so busy. The Marina hosts around twenty different hotels all of top category and there is no type of nightclub which you would not find here.

Dubai nightlife in Jebel Ali is rather relaxed but if you stay in the Mina Jebel Ali complex for sure, you will not feel bored. In case you want to go out then the best place to enjoy Dubai nightlife is the Dubai Marina. Have fun in Dubai!

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