Oakley Sunglasses Shopping in Dubai

Oakley is the name of the company that specializes in making of sports goods. This company was established in 1975, when Jim Jannard started manufacturing motorcycle grips. Later, Oakley introduced pair of goggle, which became an instant hit in the market and gave huge popularity to the brand name. It was in 1983, when the company introduced first Oakley sunglasses by the name of Factory pilot eyeshades. These sunglasses were greatly inspired from the shape and design of Oakley goggles. It was the agreement with Fox racing in 2004 that established the Oakley brand name in sunglasses and in 2006 the company bought Oliver group that represented famous branded eye wears. Now, Oakley sunglasses are preferred and bought all over the world especially in the Middle East cities like Dubai, where many important sports events are held every year.

Reasons people and athletes chooses Oakley sunglasses are,
• High quality: The Oakley sunglasses are manufactured on state of the art technology, so every athlete can wear them comfortably. The different variety of Oakley sunglasses are designed by keeping in view the needs of the sporting world. The lenses used in these sunglasses not only offer visual enhancement to the athletes, but also offer high optical quality. The lenses used in Oakley sunglasses are adaptive to light changes and therefore, provide maximum visibility to the sportsman.

• Light weight: Another important feature of Oakley sunglasses is its light weight. The frame material used in these glasses is manufactured on light weight technology, so the athletes can wear them easily without getting annoyed of the weight.

• Innovative technology: As Oakley sunglasses are mostly manufactured for sports; they incorporate some of the most unique technologies in them. For different sport, the company has introduced different variety of sunglasses. Whether it is water sport or harsh racing, the company has wide range of technological advance sunglasses for all of them.

Famous variety of Oakley sunglasses:
• Oakley Batwolf sunglasses: This range of Oakley sunglasses has polarized bronze lenses and black frame. The best feature of these sunglasses in their light weight and comfortable wearing. This range is perfect for every type of sports.

• Oakley cover story: This variety of Oakley sunglasses has the feminine style design and is manufactured from light weight metal alloy. These sunglasses offer best peripheral light protection because of their design. The lenses of these glasses offer hundred percent UV protections to the eyes.

• Deviation: This variety of Oakley sunglasses is the most favorite one in the city like Dubai. The design of these glasses resemble with that of Ray Ban aviator glasses.

Popular retailers of Oakley sunglasses in Dubai:
Oakley sunglasses can be easily bought from authorized dealers in the city. Some of the well known Oakley dealers in Dubai are Solaris at Dubai Mall, Oakley eyewear at Mall of Emirates and Rivoli Eye Zone at Dubai Festival City. Tourists and native of Dubai can easily buy authenticated Oakley sunglasses from these retailers.

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