Pakistani Restaurants of Dubai

Knowing that the number of Pakistanis is as high as the number of Indians, you can be sure that you will find many Pakistani restaurants while you are doing your sightseeing tour in Dubai. In fact, the more Pakistani restaurants you try to avoid, the more you will see on your way!

Unfortunately, Pakistan is not really the country, which have been famous on the first or either on the second place for its culinary traditions, but a country, which is relentlessly in war, with India, with the neighbouring Tribes and with itself. However, let us now sail on the water of culture and peace and let us talk a bit about the non-famous yet great culinary traditions and meals of Pakistan.

Pakistani cuisine is an interesting yet unique mixture of Indian and Arabic cuisine, which in many ways have similarities. A typical Pakistani meal is a little bit heavy, due to its main aims. As most people in Pakistan are doing heavy physical work, they need heavy foods to keep them energized during the day. A breakfast for this reason is a great dish in Pakistan, containing many eggs, rothi or paratha bread, sheermal served with either tea or lassi. Main courses consist of meat and potato curry, chicken karahi or qorma. As the dinner is the main meal of the day for everyone in Pakistan, the dishes are the biggest and greatest this time of the day. The foods served are mainly the pulao, kofte, kebabs, keema, korma variously prepared grilled or fried meat served with lots of vegetables and bread. The seasoning plays a key-role in the Pakistani cuisine, as this is the main element that differentiates their foods from Arabic or Indian foods.

So, let us see some of the most popular Pakistani Restaurants in Dubai:

Baithal Ravi Restaurant in Bur Dubai
This place can be rather confused with any other Indian or Pakistani curry places but as you step inside and taste some of their delicate dishes, you will see that there is a lot more to this place than being another cheap restaurant. The meals are made to perfection and the chilli in the foods is done to be not over-dominating above all the rest of spices. The amount of one dish is more than enough for one-person and the prices are one of the best features as well, as they are very cheap, considered to any Arabic or Intercontinental restaurants. If you want a great meal, let it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, your place is in the Baithal Ravi, by far one of the best Pakistani restaurants in town.

Ravi Restaurant in Al Satwa
Ravi’s is a great place, where for AED 25 you can have one of the best meals in town. This is a real backstreet restaurant and on the first place it is not a tourist restaurant, so you can be sure to get great menus over here. Famous for being the best Pakistani curry restaurant in town, you can bet that you will only gain with this culinary expedition to this great little restaurant. Try to get a seat outside where you can feel the atmosphere of the area. The kitchen is almost all–open, so try to peep in from time to time to see the real Pakistani cooking style.

These are only two Pakistani restaurants about which we could talk about in this part, but these are also the best and real Pakistani places in town. For seeing more, just take a sightseeing tour in the Karama district. The thing is that you can easily mix Pakistani with North Indian restaurants but anyhow the chance to meet with great culinary delights is a lot higher in the case of these cuisines. Try these two restaurants, and for sure, you will return in either of them very soon.

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