Popley’s Latest Jewellery Creations

The Popley jewellery was founded by Kewalram Ganshamdas Popley in Karachi but the post-independence days saw the whole Popley family shifting to Mumbai. They had to start from square one, which they did and achieved even more success. Laxman Kewalram, in 1978, converted the Popley name into a brand with a unique identity of its own. The Popley store was one of the first stores to receive the branch license. This was as a result of the economic reforms that were taking place during that time in the jewellery sector in India. The first time the Popley group planned to establish itself outside the borders of India, it chose Dubai as the best destination. The success in Dubai, with its first store, gave the group the confidence it needed to spread its wings to other destinations in the shopping centre of the city. Dubai, at that time too, was as popular a shopping destination as it is now.

Where in Dubai can we find the Popley jewellery showroom? The main showroom of Popley jewellery, in the shopping centre of Dubai, is in Dubai Gold Souk. There are other stores at the Mall of Emirates, and at the Dubai Mall.

All these stores have the best salesmen who are well-trained and have in-depth knowledge about all the pieces on display in the store. The salesmen can be a great help for customers who are confused between the pieces, which can happen as each one is better than the other.

The Popley group does not deal only in fine jewellery but also in watches and accessories. They are also one of the most trusted brands when it comes to gift items. The Popley jewellery group is associated with world renowned brands like Tissot and Tag Heuer. They also have the best in the eyewear sector, for those who love to have style in their eyewear collection too. They deal only in the top level brands and offer the latest in the fashion trends to their customers who expect nothing less from them.

They also deal in exotic leather accessories for the high flyer and jet setters of the Dubai shopping circles. These are made of the best leather brought in from the best dealers of the world and live up to the standard expected from the Popley jewellery group in Dubai.

Another one of the offering from the Popley jewellery group that has been grabbing the attention of the rich and famous shopping crazy clients is the luxury communications brand. These are the best of accessorises phone and other communication accessories, which are no less than jewellery. The excellent embellishments, world class stones and exotic design convert these simple communication devices into works of art.

All the customers of the Popley jewellery group in Dubai and India vouch for the extremely efficient methods of business followed by the members of the Popley group. All the staff members of the Popley Jewellery stores are well trained, polite and understanding. They have the ability to make the customers feel at ease and make shopping a relaxing experience.

The members of the board have the uncanny ability to sense the market fluctuations, needs and trends. This ability helps them to supply the best to their customers.

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