Popular Nightlife Spots in Al Bastakiya

Al Bastakiya is among the most commonly known cultural heritage sites of Dubai, in fact the only part of the huge town where some of the traditional street outlook with its signature houses has been conserved. Therefore, Al Bastakiya is perhaps the only part of Bur Dubai district, which is not exactly important point of Bur Dubai nightlife. Although Bur Dubai is widely known for being significant as a party place Al Bastakiya rather lacks in Dubai nightlife, yet many bars, clubs or discos are not far from its area. The quarter itself houses several cafés and restaurants in its area.

However, if you decide to go only a bit further deep in Bur Dubai, you will surely see why it is called the hub of Dubai nightlife, together with Deira, which is located on the other side of Dubai Creek. Bur Dubai, with the sole exception of Al Bastakiya, which gives home for such special attractions as the Grand Mosque, the main mosque if Dubai, the Fort Fahidi the oldest building still standing in Dubai housing the attractive Dubai museum and it also houses other important sites just like several governmental buildings, embassies and in addition, also a Hindu temple. Al Bastakiya only has a few (official) hotels in its area, such as the Arabian Courtyard and Spa, which is a great place for low budget tourists and the Savoy Crest Hotels are not located far from the centre of Al Bastakiya. These offer some chance to enjoy Dubai nightlife for the guests. Other hotels include the Orient Guest house and the Oasis Court Apartments, which is a bit further, yet still in Dubai. There is also a Ramee Hotel in Al Bastakiya in which you can find a couple of nightclubs and discos. In the nearby Regal Plaza Hotel, you can find the Goodfellas Bar, which is in fact a great sports bar perfect for those who like to watch sports programmes in company. The Park Regis Kris Kin, which is not too far from the BurJuman Mall, offers a great Bur Dubai nightlife scene called Club Se7en, which is quite popular among clubbers. Right behind the Al Ain Centre there is the Royal Ascot Hotel, which has a trendy disco and bar called Elegante. This is another great site of Bur Dubai nightlife

Let us say a few words about the Dubai nightlife and the local party etiquette too. In Dubai, you must really dress for the success. All the clubs require its clientele to look elegant. If you are not dressed up well, you might be not let in. This goes also for men in company without women. The Dubai clubs are quite fussy when it comes to who to let in and who not to. All clubs close at 3 am, which is the law. Some hotel pubs might last until four but in exceptional cases rather.

In Al Bastakiya, nightlife is concentrated to the Southern part as the historical streets house different types of shops and outlets, yet you can find some nice pubs in the area in hotels. Dubai nightlife in Bur Dubai is busy mainly around the BurJuman Shopping mall and in the Al Shindaqha quarter. Yet it is quite easy to find the best clubs if you ask around.

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