Premium Gold Watches by Omega

There are not many who did not hear of the world famous watches of Omega. Yet there are many who don’t know that this brand, mainly advertised by American and British film stars, being the iconic watch of James Bond movies, also has a great high-end jewellery watch collection where you can get to see the meeting point where fine jewellery and watch making melts together. Omega gold watches are popular to buy in Dubai, as a present or just passion for jewellery watches; you can be sure that in Dubai you can get to see the finest collection of gold watches in the brand stores of Omega.

Omega gold watches have been famous for long, worn by the rich and famous, most of the Hollywood stars wear Omega, as this is among the most popular Swiss brands of the transatlantic. Omega is world famous for its extra high precision devices that are made since 1848. The founder of Omega Watches Louis Brandt has always targeted the British market mainly with his creations that have quickly become famous. The Medical Chronograph and Seamaster models of Omega have earned high fame for the brand in the middle of the 1900’s. The jewellery and gold watch collections of Omega came out a little bit later and the brand primarily focused on making the brand famous as a complicated watchmaker.

Today the huge Swatch Group, the biggest group of luxury watch brands in the world, owns Omega. The first class watch-making brand offers several sorts of gold watches in its collections both for men and for women.

Today, Omega represents five different collections of women’s complicated and gold watches. The collections include the Seamaster, the Constellation, the Speedmaster, De Ville, Specialties. Gold watches are presented in almost each one collection of Omega, yet you will see the best looking and most elegant watches in the De Ville and the Specialties collection. The De Ville collection contains the gold watches that had been manufactured for daily use and the special collection contains some high-end jewellery watches, which include gold watches made out of white gold containing diamonds all behind their dials the red gold watches richly decorated with diamond are some of the most exclusive pieces of Omega. The collection pieces of the De Ville feature lighter decorated beautiful prêt-a-porter gold watches, which are great for both daily use and for special events.

In Dubai, naturally Omega is among the most frequently purchased first class watches. Therefore, in Dubai, every big shopping mall has an Omega brand store. The Dubai retailer of Omega watches including their beautiful gold watches for women is the Rivoli Group, Dubai retailer for several highest-category brands such as the Audemars Piquet or D&G watches. The biggest brand store of Omega is located in the biggest shopping mall of Dubai: The Dubai Mall. Other exclusive stores can be visited in the Mall of the Emirates, the Deira City Centre or the BurJuman Shopping Mall, among several others.

Omega gold watches are indeed worth seeing; melting together the highest precision of watch making with the finest jewellery included in their gold watches collections. Visit Omega brand stores to see the beautiful collection of gold watches, which in Dubai cost notably less than is anywhere else in the world, with the emirate being tax-free.

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