Prima Gold at Dubai Gold Souk

Prima Gold Jewellery is a popular Dubai jewellery store that deals with the manufacturing and selling of quality gold and diamond jewellery. Prima Gold is based in the Gold Souk of Dubai. Let us see the specialty of this jewellery brand here.

Prima Gold was founded in 1194. The name of the company was earned with a 24K pure gold jewellery collections that were manufactured by Pranda Jewellery before back in India. Prima Gold is the Dubai branch of Pranda Jewellery that distributes the collections named “Prima Gold” coming from India. The high quality gold, silver and diamond collections of Pure Gold have quickly gained attention in Dubai. Apart from their base in the Gold Souk, the Dubai hub of gold and jewellery trading the Prima Gold Jewellery has its new stores in the BurJuman Shopping Mall, the Deira City Centre and in the Al Ghurair Shopping Mall. Their exclusive stores are operating in the world famous Burj Al Arab Hotel and in the newly built Grand Hyatt Hotel Prima Gold opened its two showrooms in Sharjah only recently. They also deal with a great deal of wholesales activity. Prima Gold also operates its alone standing silver outlets where they sell quality silver jewellery sets and items.

Prima Gold Jewellery primarily deals with gold jewellery but also has great collections of diamond on offer. Prima Gold also has a packaging department. First, they were dealing with the production of quality jewellery boxes and packaging for their own jewellery; but by now their activity got wider, and they serve other companies too with their professional packaging options. The different sections of jewellery sold by Prima Gold include:

Prima Gold: The elite collection of Prima gold represents us with high quality gold jewellery for both men and women. As for the men’s collection, they provide high quality signet rings, tiepins, golden cufflinks. In their women’s collection we can get to see some real unique golden creations, sets with huge necklaces, one of which looks like as if it was made out of small golden roses. Other side of jewellery making of Prima gold represents us with some real traditional looking complicated necklaces, earrings and bracelets. Their bangle collection is beautiful too.

Prima Gold 18K and 22K: Here we can get to see some really light and beautiful collections that are suitable for daily wear. The collections include mixing of different colours of gold alloys, such as rose, red and white gold.

Silver Jewellery: The silver collections of Prima Gold represent us with some outstanding items, decorated with beautiful colourful gemstones we can get to see silver with its very best outlook.

Prima Diamond Jewellery: It includes four main collections: the Aluna, the Kodama, Breuning and Scintilla. Each one is very worth looking at.

As you see, Prima Gold is definitely worth its name. The luxury jewellery brand’s main showroom is still located within the famous Gold Souk of Dubai. The great collections of Prima Gold are among the biggest in town and they are all high quality items. Do not forget to resist the temptation when you visit this famous brand.

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