Pure Gold at the Gold Souk

Pure Gold Jewellers is one of the newest and further improving jewellery brands of Dubai. Pure Gold Jewellers is originated from India, but decided to move its main business interests to Dubai, in order to to offer some of the finest quality jewellery sets for its customers. In this article, we would like to represent you with the diverse beauty of Pure Gold’s necklace collections.

Pure Gold has been established in the Nineties and has been successful and growing ever since. The brand has some of the highest number of jewellery collections among all the Dubai brands and it’s also among the few jewelleries which offer high quality platinum along with their gold and diamond collections. There is virtually no jewellery, which you would not be able to find here, when it comes to high quality gold. Pure Gold is also one of the most up-to-date jewelleries of Dubai, therefore it also deals with several sorts of gold alloys, such as rose, pink and white gold included in its beautiful jewellery, especially in its outstanding necklace sets.

Speaking about the jewellery collections of Pure Gold, the brand has been concentrating on offering artistic and highly valued, primarily diamond jewellery for its customers. Other main profile of the brand is to offer different sorts of wedding jewellery, such as: Bridal, Eternity, His & Her, Pure Diamonds, Pure Sparkle, Solitaire and Trillium which in the same time are also the best quality diamond collections of Pure Gold Jewellers.

If you want to check out on the brand’s most beautiful necklaces, check out Pure Diamonds, Fareeha, Illusions and Murano. Fareeha and Murano bring you in the world of colours, featuring many great coloured gemstones in their collections, with Murano being the most playful.

If you are interested in beautiful silver jewellery and necklaces, you should not miss checking Pure Gold’s Pure Silver collection featuring an especially great necklace collection while Pure Platinum represents you with the beauty of the world’s most expensive fine metal, created to form beautiful jewellery.

While most of Pure Gold’s diamond collections feature white gold, silver or platinum jewellery, there are a few outstanding necklace collections, which come in yellow gold, such as the artwork of Now &Forever and the sophisticated jewellery offered by their Trillium collection. And in case you would like to buy a great baby jewellery or jewellery for kids, Pure Gold has it all, with its Baby Bling collection.

Pure Gold has around 12 showrooms all around Dubai, centred in the Dubai Gold Souk, so you cannot miss them when in Dubai. As most Dubai brands of course Pure Gold Jewellers also offer Diamond Certificate along with their quality diamonds. The brand is not among the cheapest Dubai jewellers but they offer high quality and has temporary and seasonal promotions going on all year long, so its more than worth visiting them once you are looking for great quality necklace sets in Dubai.

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