Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai

Along with its blossoming reputation as a holiday destination, Dubai has become a city with a very strong pull for international business travel in recent years. With companies always willing to go where the money is, it was inevitable that when Dubai and its fellow cities in the United Arab Emirates began to develop a forceful financial presence, the business would follow their noses to get in on the action. As a result, Dubai has made sure that it is capable of handling this business and has added a Media City and Internet City to its landscape. The overall result of this is that Dubai has become a technologically-advanced communications hub where the regional media is happy to go, and has added an extra layer to its business portfolio.

Business travel is subtly different from holiday travel in ways aside from the obvious. To succeed as a business hotel it is important to allow for the fact that people will want the hotel to be fully connected and convenient for use of the Internet and other media. With its prime location, the Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City has done just this – giving free WiFi connectivity to each customer. It is also important to take into account that, although someone may be in the city on business, they will still be looking to have a bit of fun when the business day is over. This is provided in the shape of a nightclub at the top of the hotel among other things. It should also be remembered that any hotel which strictly defines itself as a business hotel will lose out on holiday tourist custom – so the Radisson Blu is fortunate in that it has plenty to attract adult travelers both alone and in groups.

The location of the hotel is a plus point for those who find the hectic nature of Dubai city center to be more than they can comfortably deal with. Located outside the city center, this is a hotel that allows a bit of exclusivity and comfort for the traveler who, at the end of a hardy day of business or a spell of sight-seeing, wants to just relax and enjoy a bit of peace and quiet, while having the option to go for a drink, a dance or both. It is also well positioned for the Wafi City Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, as well as Jumeirah Beach and the fabled Burj al Arab.

For those who are keen on the modern comforts and luxuries, this is really a perfect hotel. The staff are aware of the needs of the typical customer and do absolutely everything in their power to meet those needs in a polite, courteous and efficient manner. There is a park nearby where you can go for a peaceful walk, or you can while away time in one of the many small but welcoming cafes. The Radisson Blu Hotel Dubai Media City is genuinely a highly flexible, modern and friendly hotel with a lot to recommend it for business and holiday tourists.

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