RAK Bank in Dubai

RAK is the general abbreviation used for Ras Al Khaimah. The alone standing Emirate, being next to Dubai is place of a growing interest especially when it comes to business and offshore activities and banking activities. RAK Bank has been chosen as the best bank of the United Arab Emirates multiple times, thanks to its various outstanding services and for the employing of the best customer service too. Operating with a much better opening hour schedule, RAK Bank houses much of Dubai based businesses’ and individuals’ assets.

The full name of RAK Bank is the National Bank of Ras Al Khaimah Emirate, which is led by several of the Emirate’s ruling family being present in its leader group that no wonder is considering that the ruling family of the emirate owns the bank by 52 %. RAK Bank has been specifically planned to cover all the international needs of an international clientele. The bank has been practicing since 1976 and it has an ever changing and upgraded client service level. RAK bank is just introducing {offshore banking} to international clients and also it was one of the first banks in the UAE which came out with its mortgage finance plans for expats coming out right after Mashreq Bank. RAK Bank is immensely popular because its Kiosks are open from 10am to 10 pm which is a real hit considering the fact that in Dubai all banks close at 16.00 the latest. Branches are open either till4pm or till 7 pm.

RAK Bank has alliance cooperation with the Indian HDFC Bank, which is an Indian bank specifically for Indians not residing in India. The RAK Bank offers direct access to accounts in India for its clients. Another exceptional service is that the kiosks of UAE Exchange accept payments with foreign currencies to RAK Bank credit cards. Al Fardan Exchange also accepts RAK credit card payments. RAK Bank has its branches also in Dubai and in Abu Dhabi, yet it is not general in every emirates. The total number of RAK Bank branches is around 30 today. RAK Bank has received its Compliance Certificate according to the US Patriot of Act. This certificate is a global certification regarding correspondent accounts for foreign banks.

RAK Bank offers business and personal banking services, being one of the few banks offering mobile and online banking all the same, for its clients. Among its helpdesk solutions, you can also get the help of a live chat agent which is the most convenient when you get in trouble either on the computer or on mobile. Among its corporate banking services, we can see also SME Business Finance and RAK finance Loan services. Among its individual account solutions, RAK Bank offers transaction accounts (which are the normal everyday bank accounts), Loan and Overdraft services, Debit and Credit cards, the chance to open deposit bank account, offering all sorts of insurance possibilities together with wealth management, which is a personal financial advice.

If you are to live in Dubai, you can consider RAK Bank as one of the best solutions for you to keep your money at, yet first always put your money to where your employer keeps his, in order to make transactions much easier and faster and to get cheaper services too. RAK Bank however is more than great for expats and will soon open its offshore department, which will mean that there will be thousands of tourists who will want to wish to invest or deposit their money in Dubai.

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