Seaplane Sightseeing of Dubai

It is common for people to go sight-seeing by various modes in various places. Travel itself is an entertaining, refreshing and highly rejuvenating indulgence. Each mode of travel has its delights and discomforts. But, when you are in Dubai, you can enjoy an outing by a very unique travel mode. A sightseeing tour onboard a Seaplane!

Imagine taking a seat onboard a seaplane that just glides on water and climbs up into the sky, giving you an unforgettable take-off experience. Soon you are airborne, floating over Dubai, cozily seated in a luxurious leather seat, watching a carpet of dazzling spots moving beneath you.

Traveling by seaplane itself is a thrilling experience. Added to this is the joy of touring a city like Dubai. And your delight becomes multiplied when you feel in control, flying over the city and gazing at the wonderful structures, green patches, contours of water bodies, beautifully laid out roads, etc.

What you see on the ground is a beautiful world by itself. The varied forms of a stunning mosaic of artificial islands dotting and decorating the vast azure canvass of the Persian Gulf are an awe-inspiring scene. The tour will give you a wonderful aerial view of the true landmarks of Dubai.

Silver Package
This option does not give you the advantage of hotel pick up. You need to be on your own and reach the Float Plane Operations at the Club Joumana, Jebel Ali Golf Resort and Spa, at least 30 minutes before the flight time. There, you will board a Cessna 208 Caravan Amphibian, a plane that uses water body as its runway for take off and for landing as well. Inside the plane, you will have luxurious, cozy individual seats with plenty of space to stretch your legs and the advantage of window view. This aerial outing lasts 40 minutes giving you a fantastic view of Dubai’s most significant landmarks some of which are listed here.
• Jebel Ali Palm and Palm Jumeirah, the two man-made islands.
• Jebel Ali Port, the world’s largest man-made harbor.
• Dubai Marina, being built to become the largest artificial marina.
• Burj Al Arab, a seven-star hotel on an artificial island and a huge tourist draw.
• Jumeirah, a residential region on the coast, accommodating low-rise private homes.
• Dubai Creek, a natural seawater inlet streaming through the center of the city.
• Burj Khalifa, another wonder, which is the tallest building ever built by man.
• Port Rashid, a busy commercial port in Dubai, which will soon become a cruise terminus, when its cargo activities will be moved to Jebel Ali Port.
• The World, a man-made wondrous archipelago of 300 islands laid out in the shape of a world map.

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