Shop For Beautiful Eternity Rings

Eternity rings are very popular to buy all over the world. Being among the most expensive sorts of rings to buy, of course it is not all the same, where you would like to buy them. The good news is, that in Dubai, you can buy quality eternity rings for less than half the price than in the US or the UK for instance. In this article, we will check out some of the best places and Dubai jewellers where you should look around to buy eternity rings.

Eternity rings as a concept were founded in the Sixties by De Beers, the biggest diamond group in the world. Behind the concept lies also the fact, that large diamonds, which previously ruled the market of wedding rings, was not too suitable for many countries, which had a much larger supply of smaller diamonds. Originally, eternity rings were intended to be gifted to married women by the husband to celebrate a larger period of wedding.

As for today, eternity rings are basically what we call wedding bands that contain a single line of small diamonds in the middle. Out of the stylistic meaning, an eternity ring is a band, which is made of a precious metal, usually gold and contains a line of small diamonds in the middle that is in fact the symbol of never-ending love. Because of the difficulty to wear them every day, without any of the small diamonds in the line to fall out, for practical reasons, jewellers have also invented a so-called „Half Eternity ring” that contains the line of diamonds only in half circle on the top. Because the setting of the small diamonds is often not secure enough, you must be sure to find a high quality jeweller in Dubai, which is trusted, has quality jewellery and has a good guarantee, in case any of the diamonds would fall out.

In Dubai, you will see the most beautiful eternity rings at De Beers, Tiffany’s and Cartier, whose Love ring concept basically equals the one of eternity rings, with the diamonds used in them being somewhat larger and set to be further from each other, this way to give a more secure ring with 8 deeper set diamonds. If you would like to buy eternity rings cheaper but in the same quality, we suggest you to visit Gold and Diamond Park, where you can find a high number of jewellers that sell remarkable quality of eternity rings for a much lower price than any of the upper mentioned brands.

Jewelleries in the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park are also well known for selling knock –off jewellery, copying the style of a big brand but sold for a much lower price. One certain brand located in the Gold and Diamond Park can offer you to visit is Passion Jewellers, selling especially beautiful wedding bands and eternity rings and they have the service to make customised jewellery. There are however another 50 stores in the Park for you to check out and you can be sure to find the perfect eternity rings for you in here. And in case your expectation go further, you can also find the stores the best, namely Tiffany, De Beers, Graff or Cartier, in the Dubai Mall, situated in the downtown of Dubai. Check out both places well though and always do try to bargain as in Dubai, you can be successful with it.

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