Shopping at a Dubai Traditional Market

Naif Souk is the oldest traditional market in Dubai from where visitors can purchase clothes of different varieties, color, and texture. It is a famous shopping destination of both locals and tourists. The visitors of Naif souk in Dubai can purchase duplicate designer wears, toys, bags and other accessories. The souk is otherwise called as ‘Cabin Market’ as the shops are of box type and it is situated in Deira. Today, you can see the renovated Naif souk as it had engulfed by fire in the year 2008. About 184 shops were burnt into ashes out of the 190 shops located inside the Naif souk.

The new Naif Souk is with completely air-conditioned shops and car parking facility. There are 218 shops that are fully air-conditioned and the car parking can accommodate 100 vehicles. The new one has several added amenities such as restaurants, WiFi connection, elevators, lifts, coffee shops, municipality offices, toilets, and kiosks. In order to avoid any fire accidents in the future, the municipality has taken enough safety measures. There are emergency fire exits and safety equipments that help to prevent fatality in case of fire accidents. The opening time for the Naif souk is from 7 to 12 in the morning and after the lunch break from 5 to 8 in the evening.

Naif Souk is open daily, and is helpful for tourists to go for shopping. Naif souk in Dubai sells unique items at reasonable prices, and of good quality. During Dubai shopping festival, Naif souk is one of the famous destinations for shopping. The sales of the Naif souk merchants increase during the shopping festival as the souk is participating in the Dubai shopping festival every year. Huge discounts are offered by the merchants of Naif souk at the time of the Dubai shopping festival to attract customers to purchase the items.

The shoppers can enjoy shopping in an Arabic atmosphere as well as bargaining prices for purchasing various items. You can haggle on prices on goods like electronics, textiles, home appliances, carpets, furniture, etc. Naif Souk is constructed with two floors and the design of the first floor is based on the local architecture. There 111 shops in the ground floor of the souk and 107 shops in the first floor. If you are interested to know about the local culture, then you should pay a visit to Naif Souk. Modernism and tradition are combined together in the appearance of the shops in Naif souk.

Naif Souk in Dubai comprises of 60,000 square feet area. After renovation of the souk, it was distributed among the old merchants. The merchants who had small shops were provided with small shops, and the merchant who had large shops before fire accident were provided with larger shops. The municipality also gave compensation to the owners of the shops of old Naif Souk. The renovation of the souk had taken place within 45 days. To get the visitors for the souk as it was before; the municipality launched an advertising campaign for the souk in various media. The renovated souk is built according to international standards.

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