Discover The Local Arabic Markets

Dubai souk is a traditional Arabic market place where customers can buy anything ranges from electronic items to gold. During ancient time, dhows or boats from neighboring countries, China, Ceylon, India and Far East were coming at the souks. The merchants from all around the world sold various goods, and the buyers used to bargain on the items they needed. The souks in Dubai are located in Bur Dubai and Deira. These two areas are divided by Dubai creek. Even today, souks are markets, but much advanced than the former ones. The Dubai souks are scattered all around the city.

The items traded in Dubai souks have changed over time. Nowadays, you can find items like spices, perfumes, textiles, fisheries, and gold. There are several gold souks in Dubai. Most of the visitors to Dubai are complaining that they do not have enough time to visit all the shops. Many of the tourists to Dubai are coming to purchase gold because of the tax free shopping in Dubai. Several international gold brands and popular jewelers are there in the gold souk so that you will be spoilt with choices. Gold is available in different types and size in gold souk.

Spice souk is one among the Dubai souks in which you can see all variety of spices. When you enter into the spice souk, you can experience unique aroma form the streets of the spice souk. The stalls are getting reduced for the past few years in spice souk, because of the upcoming supermarkets in the city which are supplying great variety of spices. You can see the spice souks situated opposite to the gold souks. Fresh spices are available at the spice souks which can add great aroma to your food.

Perfume souks can also be seen among the Dubai souks from where the tourists can purchase perfumes of different fragrances. You can buy traditional Arabic perfumes to customized perfumes that suits to your personality, and type of skin. Fish souks are crowded and smelly where you can purchase fishes of your choice. Several varieties of fishes are available at the fish souks. Textile souks consist of textile clothing of different textures, colors, and weaves from all around the globe. The prices in the souks are negotiable, and you can purchase various items by bargaining. You will get the items of your choice at an affordable price.

Khan Murjan is a souk of ancient times with the architectural marvel as the souk is made up of exquisite roofing, marble floors, and intricate wall decorations. Khan Murjan is the cultural as well as the historical haven for artisans and craft people. You can find over 150 stalls that consist of traditional crafts work. Souk Madinat Jumeirah has an interactive and lively trading. You can find galleries and shops on the sides of the walkways of Souk Madinat Jumeirah. You can see several restaurants and cafes at Souk Madinat Jumeirah. Souk Al Bahar and Meena Bazaar are also included in the Dubai souks.

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