Visiting The Famous Khan Murjan Souk

Khan Murjan in Dubai is a replica of an Arabian market of ancient times. Khan Murjan souk consists of 50,000 sqft, and this souk is located in the underground floor of Wafi Mall. Khan Murjan souk at Wafi Mall is designed based on the theme of ancient Khan Murjan souk in Baghdad. The legendary souk was opened in 1300s by Queen of Syria. In Wafi City, an actress is playing the role of Queen of Syria. The Khan Murjan of Wafi City is air-conditioned and dimly lit. The modern souk has marble floor, and the walls are decorated with stone carvings and colorful tiles.

Khan Murjan souk has over 150 shops and the merchants are from the Arab world. Khan Murjan was constructed by talented craftsmen from Iran, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Oman and Jordan. Khan Murjan has a ceiling made of stained glass, and this glasswork displays the stories of Arab traders of ancient times. The Arab traders are displayed as trading goods from across the desert and abroad with other vendors or travelers in the Arab region. The materials used in designing Khan Murjan souk are handcrafted using traditional techniques.

In the centre of the Khan Murjan souk, there is an open-roofed restaurant. This courtyard restaurant has a retractable roof which offers protection sandstorm or rainstorm. The restaurant offers air-condition during warmer months. The restaurant serves food prepared out of fresh and authentic ingredients using traditional techniques of cooking. The restaurant serves food from North Africa and Middle East which includes Moroccan couscous, Egyptian, Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian and Turkish cuisines. Both vegetarians and non-vegetarians can find a great variety of menus and cooking styles. At Khan Murjan restaurant, you can enjoy the food while listening to live Arabian music. Enjoy appetizers, main course and dessert at Khan Murjan restaurant.

The corridors of Khan Murjan in Dubai are filled with Arabian perfume. The shopkeepers will gesture to the visitors in order to visit their shops. Even though, you don’t want to shop from the souk, you can enjoy the interior décor of the souk as it is amazing to watch the interior decoration. Around 70 shops are opened in the souks, and 80 shops are going open. All the pathways in Khan Murjan souk are leading to a courtyard in the centre. Khan Murjan consists of larger and smaller shops that tempt you to shop with the variety of items.

The shops at Khan Murjan in Dubai offer mainly handicrafts like bronze accessories, leather products, carpets, decoration lamps, and bronze lamps. Khan Murjan is the crown of glory in Wafi mall because of the architectural marvel and authenticity of the artists. Khan Murjan is open from 10 ‘o’ clock in the morning to 10 ‘o’ clock at night daily. On Thursdays and Fridays, the souk is open till midnight. It is worth visiting this souk, if you are visiting Dubai for holiday. You can have a great shopping experience and fine dining at Khan Murjan in Dubai.

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