Khan Murjan

Khan Murjan is a souk-like shopping centre or marketplace that we can find in the Dubai Wafi City. Wafi City is one of the unique shopping areas of Dubai, in its size, it may equal a smaller village and it looks entirely new and strange in the same time, being strangely authentic while at the same time, it is different from what you can get to see anywhere else. Khan Murjan is part of the complex stuffed with smaller and bigger shops, looking beautiful and therefore it has become one of the most popular shopping places for tourists in Dubai.

First, let us say a few words about Wafi City. The Wafi City is a shopping and entertaining complex that is located in the heart of Dubai and it has quite a unique outlook. The inside of Wafi tries its best to look like an Ancient Egyptian village of course it doesn’t lack its pyramid either, a huge pyramid made out of glass, housing the main shopping mall of Wafi City. Khan Murjan, as part of the complex serves to provide tourists and visitors with the experience of visiting a traditional Arabic souk.

If you are in Dubai and going on a sightseeing-tour, then you just cannot miss to visit the famous Wafi City, an entertainment complex built in form and with the usage of the architecture and cultural elements of Ancient Egypt. Inside Wafi City, there is a special place called Khan Murjan, the souk area of the Wafi complex. Khan Murjan is really worth visiting for various reasons, so let us talk about this beautiful place in order for you to get to know some information about it.

Wafi City was a huge investment, and lies on a huge area near the Old town area of Dubai. When making Wafi, the main idea was, to build a shopping complex with various entertainment possibilities, together with hotels, theme park and of course lots of shops to attract tourists and other visitors all year long. They have made it very successfully. Wafi City is highly visited by everyone. Its shops and theme park called Encounter Zone has been a great success for the tourism life of Dubai.

Khan Murjan is a kind of souk or old marketplace area as you would imagine how it has looked like in the olden times. Khan Murjan area is full of shops selling souvenirs in form of leather goods, handicrafts and just like at a normal souk you will find nearly everything over here, with the sole exception of butcheries.

We might not find Dubai to be especially cultural country, and unfortunately in the haste of modernization Dubai lost many of its cultural heritage areas, although a very few, like the old Al Bastakiya quarter could luckily survive it. Still it is highly recommended to see the few beautiful cultural sites that Dubai has.

Wafi complex is also beautifully designed representing the old Egypt life and lifestyle, when going in the Khan Murjan souk you will feel as if you flew back in time. Khan Murjan consists of four areas, as any souk does. There is the food, entertainment, fashion and the art and lifestyle quarter. Traditionally every souk has segments of this type, but for the tourists it is nice to know, the clothing and textile shops of Khan Murjan sell the great Arabic textiles, out of which the most beautiful clothes are made. The main target of Khan Murjan is to introduce tourists with the old traditional values of Dubai. You will be able to see how they make the traditional copper decorations, such as plates and tables, which you can buy if you would like to.

If you are familiar with the medieval Arabic and Muslim architecture of the Middle East, it’s likely that you have heard of Khan Murjan, which is the oldest standing building of Baghdad in Iraq. The place was used as an inn and later as a hostel for students. Its adjoining mosque is today called Murjan Mosque. The beautiful Khan Murjan had been built in 1358 and stands on the shore of the river Tigris. Fortunately, the authentic renovation works of Khan Murjan have started just recently in Baghdad and we can expect this great old building to gain back its fame. This is the story of the real Khan Murjan. Now, let us see what to know about Khan Murjan in Dubai, inside the Wafi City. This building works as a souk and it has been made as a replica of the original Khan Murjan of Baghdad, as a salute to Iraqis. Although the building does not resemble its originator, as it is a kind of mixture of diverse architectural elements taken from the different Middle Eastern and North African Arabic cultures, Dubai has tried its best to build a building, which is authentic yet modern in its outlook and functions.

Khan Murjan today serves as the traditional souk of Wafi City. It has some great covered alleys through which the traveller can wonder and get amazed by the beauty of Islamic Arabic handicrafts in Dubai. Khan Murjan Dubai also has a nice inner courtyard where the traditional restaurant of the building is located, which is really a must-visit, offering the specialties of all the Arabic countries. The building currently houses 150 shops, mostly selling handicrafts such as carpets, leather ware, authentic bronze accessories and decoration and the beautiful bronze lamps, which have always stood on the first place, as tourist souvenirs.

Wafi City with Khan Murjan can be found in Mirdiff district in Dubai that can be easily accessed with Metro. In Wafi, Khan Murjan has quite an elite place and if you are in Dubai, it is really worth visiting this beautiful old-style souk.

Do not forget that you can try to negotiate as much as you can. Khan Murjan can be a paradise for you if you like all traditional artefacts, carpets, leather goods; they look all beautiful over here. So go to Wafi City, visit Khan Murjan, it will be a wonderful experience for you. Wafi city is easy to find, all you need to do is to catch a taxi, going there, or a bus as well will do. You can ask for more information on departure times at your hotel.

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