Dubai Perfume Souk

Did you ever wonder as to what made the Arabian lands so exotic? Well, here is the answer – perfumes. With this you’d probably conjure up a slightly floral or fruity based fragrance. But this is not the case with the Middle East. The perfumes in this region are spicy and strong. It is a part of their lifestyle and culture. You will find a sharp fragrance in every room or tent in the Middle East. This touch of piquant aromas makes their perfumes seductive and alluring. The best place to buy Arab perfumes is at the Dubai perfume souk. You can walk from shop to shop savoring the stimulating scents and at the same watch people bargain over their purchases.

There are all types of souks located in Dubai, although Dubai is originally not famous for its souk as much as Morocco. However, if you look around and have the time to make a good sightseeing, do not miss to visit the souks of Deira. You can find the Perfume souk over here. The Perfume souk is famous for the hundreds of types of different scented oils that Arabic people love using. Therefore, it is time for you too, to explore this beautiful site, and buy many of these great oils.

Though the name Perfume Souk comes after its perfumes, it does not mean that it only sells perfumes. There are all types of cosmetics found over here. Here, you can also explore the perfumes that local women use for keeping their hair shiny or when they go to the Hamam, the traditional bath of Arabic people that they visit normally every month.

The word “hamam” means generally a place to bathe, but people use it in different ways. Hamam is the place where everyone can feel relaxed. Hamam is not about bathing or taking a shower, but it is a kind of relaxing meditation space. If you visit a Hamam, you will see that it has different entrances for men and women, the water used in the Hamam is generally hot, so take care, and get used to it first. People usually wash themselves 3 to 4 times with different soaps and washing materials to rub all parts of their body for it to be as clean as possible. If you try a Hamam, ask for Hamam soap at the Perfume souk. Then you can go there well equipped. Hamams are everywhere in any Arabic town. If you ask local people, they can show you the way too. You can visit a Hamams at any time of the day.

The Dubai Perfume Souk is famous all over the Arabic world for its great scented oils that are used in smaller quantities, and their smell lasts for many days. People use them for their body and for the hair as well. Other cosmetics for which women are crazy for are different hair products. So look around well, and listen to what the shop owners advise you to use or buy at more stalls. Take your time and do not hurry when you are in a souk. Just enjoy its atmosphere.

The Dubai perfume souk is located on the Sikkat Al Khail Street on Deira side of Dubai. Most people perceive that perfumes are light and flowery. Such perfumes are Western creations and they leave subtle overtones about a person. Since Arab perfumes are strong, the scent still lingers for a long time even after a person is not sitting or standing next to you. This lingering trail leaves a mark in your life and remains fresh in your memory. Such is the specialty of the fragrances at the Dubai perfume souk. At the souk, you will not just find traditional Arabian ittar, but also branded and designer perfumes from around the world. The perfume jars filled with a multitude of fragrances look extremely attractive and inviting.

At the perfume souk you will find thousands of scents. You can take your pick depending on your taste or well, on your “olfactory senses”. If you think that none of the fragrances suit you, then you can ask the shop owner to create an all new scent that will suit you beautifully. The custom made aromas are mixed taking into to account your skin as well as personality type. This was once considered a luxury and now you can proudly walk out of the store with a signature scent. This is an entirely new experience by far; not the same as buying perfumes in shopping malls.

Unlike regular perfume stores in malls, shopkeepers give you a whiff of the fragrances you want to look at through incenses. You will not see any local sampling fragrances in a ‘spray by’ manner. In addition to perfumes, you can also buy incense at the Dubai perfume souk. They are sold in the form of sticks, powder, crystal, rock and wood. Arabian perfumes are oil based and they tend to leave a stain when sprayed on clothes. So be careful and make sure you don’t do so. The perfumes are well priced and you can buy several bottles if you know how to haggle.

Frankincense is the most popular incense and is available in every store at the Dubai perfume souk. Breathe in the aromatic creations and imbibe within you their cultural significances. It’s not just a perfume; it’s your personality that is wafting like an aura.

Next to Perfume souk, you can also find the popular textile and gold souks. Take the chance to visit them all. A textile souk has the best collection of beautiful textiles and gold souk is a very popular site for its wide range of golden jewellery sold on a cheaper price than in a shopping mall. Souks are the representatives of the ancient Arabic world and locals do their best to keep the souks remain as important as they used to be long time ago. So, take some time away to spend in the Dubai Perfume Souk. Surely if you visit the souks once, you will return.

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