Discovering the Spice Souk

Dubai spice souk is a traditional Arabian market located in Deira, Sikkat Al Khail Road in proximity to Dubai Gold Souk. The spice souk consists of various narrow lanes with closed and open roof shops. You can experience the fragrances coming out of the souk while entering the spice souk. As in other Dubai souks, here also haggling occurs while purchasing spices. Due to the increasing number of supermarkets and large stores in city areas, the significance of the spice souk has reduced considerably. Spice souk is visited by both tourists and food lovers. The smells and colors in spice souk will be a unique experience for visitors.

You can purchase spices ranging from cloves, cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, dried fruits, nuts, or handmade incense from Dubai spice souk. These spices are coming from all around the world to Dubai. Some of the shops are specialized in selling shisha and tobacco. You can purchase spices and fresh herbs that can be used in South Asian and Arab cuisines. Dubai spice souk is otherwise called as Old Souk, and this souk is the oldest and the largest souk in the city. Dubai spice souk is the most traditional one as it is the oldest souk.

Once you have entered this market, you will feel that you have reached in ancient times. You can purchase a variety of spices at a whole sale rate. The wholesaler will pack the purchased spices in Hessian pouches that enable the spices to stay aromatic and fresh for a longer time. The spices available at the souk are of high quality at affordable prices. At Dubai spice souk, you can purchase Arabian dry fruits that are world famous. You can gift dry fruits and spices to your loved one on special occasions. Dubai spice souk is open from 10am-10pm daily.

Various herbs and perfumed oil available at the spice souks are purchased by pharmacists and local healers. These herbs and perfumed oils are used to make traditional and special medicines. Other items found in spice souk are rugs, incense, textiles, rice, souvenirs, potteries and baskets. Easy way to reach the spice souk is public transportation by traveling in a metro to the Union Station. You can board buses that are shuttling at Omar Bin Al Ghurair City. Dubai spice souk is filled with sacks of seasoning such as cumin, saffron, paprika, thyme, oud, sumach and frankincense.

The racks of Dubai spice souk are packed with henna powder, burners, charcoal, rose water, sandalwood and pumice stones. A good selection of rugs and Persian glassware can be seen in the open-air market. The most sought after spices at Dubai spice souk are the ready to cook and ready to eat spice mixes. The UAE government encourages organic spices import from all around the world. From last few years, spice sauces such as chilli sauce, pepper sauce, soya sauce and other such flavors are in big demand. The best time to visit the Dubai spice souk is in the evening. Enjoy purchasing various types of spices at affordable prices.

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